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AFRAN is one of four Regional Networks on Ageing organised and supported by the OIA.


Through running AFRAN the OIA

  • Provides a platform for exchange and capacity building between network members
  • Forges collaborative research and training initiatives undertaken by AFRAN members in partnership with the OIA

In developing research and capacity building programmes AFRAN draws on directions and approaches identified by the strategic plan and framework for research on ageing in sub-Saharan Africa that was developed as an outcome of the April 2005 Oxford Conference on Research on Ageing in Africa.


AFRAN is coordinated by Dr. Jaco Hoffman who leads the Africa Programme at the Institute of Population Ageing University of Oxford.

The network is guided by a 8-member advisory board comprising African scholars and civil society representatives. In addition, AFRAN draws on strategic consultation with a group of International Advisors representing key research and policy bodies.

If you wish to join as an organisation, please download and complete this form.


Current AFRAN members include Africa-based individual and institutional members, as well as members from European and international research institutions. For details on current members click here

Membership to AFRAN is open for anyone engaged or interested in research on ageing issues in African populations. To become a member of AFRAN please contact us

If you wish to join as an individual, please downlaod and complete this form.