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The Problem of Understanding Multi-Morbidity in the Elderly

About the Speaker

Alan Silman, Professor of Musculoskeletal Health

Alan Silman is an epidemiologist and a rheumatologist. He was Director of the UK's Arthritis Research Epidemiology Unit in Manchester from 1988-2006 and published over 500 articles in the broad field of arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases.

His research interests spanned inflammatory joint diseases, connective tissue disorders especially scleroderma and Behcets Disease, chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions and osteoporosis and fracture. His methodological interests included pharmaco-epidemiology and the use of drug register, genetics and disease outcome research.


Challenges of Managing Elderly Individuals with Multimorbidity

As the population ages, so does the likelihood that individuals will develop multiple health problems, many of which are chronic.  Medical care has traditionally focussed on managing individual problems and there is a dearth of data of how those with more complex health care needs, both physical and psychological, should be cared for.  Further research into new therapies, and indeed the role of existing therapies tends to be based on those with single problems.  In this seminar I discuss the issues surrounding the multimorbidity dilemma and how they may be addressed.  Given the ageing population this issue is becoming more acute.  There is also the need to address the pant view of their priorities for treatment when weighing up the risks and benefits to their whole health status

This event is part of a seminar series:

Michaelmas 2018 Seminar Series: Providing Health and Social Care for an Ageing Population: Challenges and Responses

Michaelmas Term 2018 Seminar Series Providing Health and Social Care for an Ageing Population: Challenges and Responses Convener: Kenneth Howse

Event Details

22 November 2018 14:00 - 15:30