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Launch of new Institute Journal: Population Horizons

The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing is please to announce that the launch of the new journal Population Horizons

The first Issue is now available online at De Gruyter Open.

Population Horizons is a forum for analysis and debate on the many complex and contested policy questions that are raised by the prospect of population change. Our aim is to combine the reasoned exploration of differences of opinion about how society should adapt to the pressures of population change, with the methods and conclusions of evidence-based policy making. The journal publishes themed issues containing a mix of submitted manuscripts and commissioned articles, with a strong emphasis on reviews, commentaries, analytical papers and 'think pieces'.

Population Horizons is aimed at researchers, policy makers and practitioners who wish to engage in identifying and analysing the challenges and opportunities that are likely to result from a permanent shift in the age structure of the population. It intends intend to bring high quality research essential to evidence-based policy making, to the debate of how society should adapt to these many challenges.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr George Leeson and Dr Jaco Hoffman,  Managing Editor: Dr Maja Založnik

Professor Sarah Harper introduces Population Horizons by way of a Blog post: Is the transition state between childhood and adulthood  the root of social anxiety produced by teen motherhood?