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SIPHC 2016 | Singapore

The 2nd Singapore International Public Health Conference and 11th Singapore Public Health and Occupational Medicine Conference 2016 (SIPHC 2016) Contemrorary Challenges, Sustainable Solutions  was held in Singapore on 29-30 September 2016.

The Conference is held every four years. It brings together a multi-national, multi-sector and multi-disciplinary panel of public health professionals and practitioners, academics, researchers, policy-makers and international stakeholders from around the world. It allows participants to share their insights on a plethora of issues ranging from the use of novel technologies for surveillance of emerging infectious diseases, and improvement in healthcare delivery, workplace health and safety, and aviation safety to the employment of novel strategies for the promotion of well-being and mental health, and the development of innovative health financing models.

Professor Sarah Harper delivered a plenary talk entitled ‘The Implications of Global Population Ageing.’


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