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New Project: Dynamics of Japan’s ageing prison populations.

Exciting new 18 month project researching the 'Dynamics of Japan’s ageing prison populations', has been funded by the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.

The Project team includes:

Dr. Hafiz Khan (HK), Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, and Reader in Statistics, Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences, Birmingham City University, UK, email:

Dr. Jason Danely (JD), Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University, UK, email:

Dr. Pia Jolliffe (PJ), Research Fellow, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, University of Oxford, UK, email:

Professor Yoshinori Fujiwara (YF), Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, Japan, email:


About the research:

The principle aim of this research project is to undertake an exploration of the topic ‘Ageing Prison Population in Japan, with a special focus on health and wellbeing’ through a desk based review of the existing academic literature on qualitative and quantitative studies in both English and Japanese languages covering contemporary and historical aspects of the topic.  By April 2017, the project team will draft an overview paper on ‘Understanding the dynamics of Japan´s prison ageing population with a special focus on health and wellbeing’ for publication in the target journal “Journal of Population Ageing” (Authors: HK, PJ, JD and YF). This exploratory analysis will be based on a systematic literature review. It will highlight relevant research and pinpoint research gaps, thus preparing the grounds for future empirical research in this area. The other aim of the project is to build a research consortium in the area of ageing population who can work as a team and dig into the deep rooted problems in the society and to address them for policy implications. The project includes mutual visits of team members and results will be disseminated via workshops and panel discussions in both Japan and the UK.