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Population Horizons—Open Call for Papers

The journal Population Horizons—published by the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing—represents a forum for analysis and debate on the many complex and contested policy questions that are raised by the prospect of population change.

This is a general call for papers with no submission deadline. In addition to reporting on empirical research, authors are invited to submit reviews, commentaries, analytical papers and think pieces.

We encourage submissions that:

  • inform policy makers and policy researchers of developments;
  • make a critical assessment of the contribution of current research to policy analysis and debate;
  • stimulate and inform debate on policy issues;
  • identify unanswered questions and unresolved problems.

In particular we welcome articles dealing with population change policy, population and education, fertility and education, and population and the environment and how these three factors intersect in the developing world.

In that context we hope to receive manuscripts that:

  • explore the role of education as a driver in fertility reduction;
  • examine the importance of environmental change in household reproductive decision making;
  • review the evidence base, or evaluate the impact, of family planning programmes in different developmental contexts with different educational and environmental policy trajectories.

Population Horizons is an open access peer-reviewed journal; further information about its aims and scope can be found on the website, along with the Guidance for Authors. Manuscripts should be sent to, marked for submission to Population Horizons.