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2022 Global Ageing Special Issue

Journal of Population Ageing  Volume 15:1-4



In recognition of 40 years since the 1982 Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing and 20 years since the 2002 Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, the entire Volume 15 on of the Journal of Population Ageing will focus on Global Ageing.


Each issue takes a region and explores through commissioned and submitted papers key questions, highlighting the now extensive range of research being undertaken, by both established and new emerging researchers from across the world. 

Each issue figures a key editorial commentary jointly written by an academic and policy or practitioner from the region, in recognition of JPA’S commitment to publish high quality research which has relevance for change. 

Issue 1 The dynamics and challenges of ageing in Asia

Commentary by Sarah Harper, Oxford and Eduardo Klein, Regional Representative Asia Pacific HelpAge International.  

Issue 2 An Ageing Europe

Commentary by Kenneth Howse, Oxford and Alexandra Sidorenko, Head of the United Nations Programme on Ageing (1988-2009)


Issue 3 Convergence in the Americas

Commentary by George Leeson, Oxford and Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, Chile -  first Independent Expert on Human Rights and Older Persons, Human Rights Council,


Issue 4 Ageing in Africa

Commentary by  Jaco Hoffman, Oxford and North-West University, South Africa, and Jane Ongolo, Head of Social Welfare and Vulnerable Groups, African Union Commission.

Contributors include

Julie Byles, University of Newcastle, Australia

Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, University of East Anglia

Isabella Aboderin, University of Bristol

Alba Sibai, American University of Beirut

David Bloom, Harvard

John Piggot, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Israel Doron, University of Haifa

José Ortega, Universidad de Salamanca

Gabriele Doblhammer,  University of Rostock

Raphael Wittenberg, LSE and Oxford.

Jeremy Myerson, Royal College of Art

►Download here:   Volume 15, issue 1, March 2022