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Demography and the Household Saving Rate in Japan

The OIA  Seminar Series on the Economics of Ageing have hosted on Thursday 21st October  Professor John Muellbauer (Nuffield College, University of Oxford), who gave a talk on Demography and the Household Saving Rate in Japan.

Professor Muellbauer is primarily an applied macroeconomist, though his microeconomic textbook with Angus Deaton, Economics and Consumer Behaviour, CUP 1980, is still in print. Current areas of research include modelling regional housing and labour markets in the UK, examining the impact of credit market liberalization on consumer debt, spending and housing markets in the UK and the US, monetary transmission and policy, consumer behaviour, exchange rates and inflation modeling, the South African and Japanese economies, and forecasting growth in the G7 countries. An important theme in his research has been the impact of institutional differences both across countries and through time, on monetary transmission and macroeconomic fluctuations. He currently holds a research grant from the ESRC with Janine Aron on " New methods for forecasting inflation and its sub-components: Applications to the UK, USA and South Africa ". He has contributed extensively to the UK debate over property taxation and also to the argument as to whether the UK should join the Euro. He is co-founder of the website and the website for the "The South African Macroeconomic Research Programme", see

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