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Future Foresight Forum 2017

Professor Sarah Harper is an invited speaker at The Future Foresight Forum (FFF) event taking place at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre under the patronage of H H Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq al Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture and Chairman of the Main Committee of Future Vision (Oman 2040). The forum aims at spreading awareness about the importance of the future industry and finding creative solutions on the challenges that Oman may face to ensure prosperity, economic growth and social welfare by 2040.

The two-day forum is hosting over 300 international experts who are addressing future global, regional and local trends in topics including 'Demographic and Social Changes’, ‘Geopolitics, International Relations, Economic Transformation Forces’, ‘ICT and Disruptive Technologies’, ‘ICT and Human Capital’, ‘The Future of Oil and Renewable Transformations’, ‘Oil Transformation: Energy and Petrochemicals’, ‘Scarcity of Resources and the Environment’, ‘The Future of Cities’, ‘Governance: The Future of Governments and the Private Sector’ and ‘Civil Society’.