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Journal of Population Ageing - New Issue Alert

We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Population Ageing Volume 16, Issue 2, June 2023 is now available online.

In this Issue: 

  • Editorial notes by Yanan Zhang - Non-Kin Carers: an Emerging Force in Contemporary Care Systems

  • Projections of Older European Migrant Populations in Australia, 2016–56

  • The Influence of Work-Family Trajectories on Life Satisfaction of Retired Women

  • Pensions and the Extending Working Lives Agenda in the UK: The Impact on Women

  • Measuring Changes Over Time to Understand the Dynamics of Access to State Benefit: Territorial Inequalities in the Implementation of Social Policies on Ageing

  • Do Older Employees Have a Lower Individual Productivity Potential than Younger Employees?

  • The Relationship between Political Ideology and the Pursuit of Staying Forever Young

  • The Meaning Ascribed to the Aging Phenomena by Mayors in Israel

  • Experiences of Elder Abuse in Pacific Island Communities of Aotearoa New Zealand: a Cultural Lens

  • In Pursuit of Happiness: Changes in Living Arrangement and Subjective Well-Being among Older Adults in India

  • Does Living Arrangement Predict Urban–Rural Differential in Depressive Symptoms Among Older Adults in India? A Study Based on Longitudinal Ageing Study in India Survey

  • Hiring Live-in Migrant Care Workers: Motivations and Experiences of Older People and their Families

  • Work and Family Transitions Throughout Adulthood and the Impact on Health: A Systematic Review

► Download the new issue: Volume 16, issue 2, June 2023