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Journal of Population Ageing | New Issue Alert

We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Population Ageing Volume 14, Issue 1 is now available online.

In this Special Issue on Active Ageing Index: 

  • Editorial notes by Sarah Harper - Active Ageing Index (2016-18): Addressing a Long-Standing Stragegic Policy Aim  
  • Trends and Inequality in the New Active Ageing and Well-Being Index of the Oldes Old: a Case Study of Sweden 
  • Employment of Older People across Italian Regions: an Exploration of Drivers and Barriers Based on the Active Ageing Index
  • Is Active Ageing Coping with Population Ageing?
  • Extending the Active Ageing Index to Hong Kong Using a Mixed-Method Approach: Feasibility and Initial Results
  • Active Ageing Index in Russia - Identifying Determinants for Inequality
  • Active  Ageing and Living Conditions of Older Persons Across Italian Regions 

► Download the new issue: Volume 14, issue 1, March 2021