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Son preference and sex-selection: quantitative evidence and interpretation

Dr Sylvie Dubuc was an invited speaker at International Women’s Day 2014, University of Birmingham at the Conference ‘Faith, Culture, Gender and Violence’.

Sylvie gave an overview of the demographic manifestations of son preference and the diffusion of prenatal sex-selection against females from South and East Asia to Central Asia/Eastern Europe, drawing on her previous work within the Asian Diaspora (first evidenced in the UK). She further discussed the quantitative evidences, their interpretation and implications for India and Asian communities in the UK.

Dr Sylvie Dubuc has been working on the topic of son preference and sex-selection since 2006. She has been recently recruited by OIPA to work on the Collen Programme on Fertility, Education and the Environment. She is a research Associate at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford and a former graduate from Paris Sorbonne University.