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Ms Nina Sandrine Djeumen Ndjapa

Student, Catholic University of Central Africa

Student, Catholic University of Central Africa


Ngoa Ekelle


237 99 27 65 91    /    237 73 22 43 78


Ms Ndjapa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing; she has enormous nursing experience from professional and academic internships and has also practiced as a secondary school nurse providing health education to teens. She is currently completing a Masters degree in Public Health at the Catholic University of Central Africa having as topic for her Master’s Thesis evaluating the determinants of depression in the elderly person in the Cameroonian communities. She has experience in research, was a co investigator in a study by the National AIDS control committee.

She is a research supervisor in a study by Dr Bediang Georges and the National Tuberculosis control program under auspices of the National TB program, carried out supervision of five Tuberculosis treatment centres. She is an executive bureau member of an association by Public health students at the Catholic University of central Africa. She is a member of INPEA an organisation fighting for the rights of the elderly person.

Key research/capacity building interests

Research Interests

  • Determinants of depression in the elderly person in Cameroon
  • Changing societies and the health of the elderly person
  • Health care accessibility in the elderly in Cameroon
  • Health related quality of life and associated factors in the elderly in Cameroon
  • Prevalence of Co-morbidity in the elderly person in rural Cameroon
  • Knowledge on the normal ageing process in communities


  • Rights of the elderly in Africa
  • Managerial/ leadership skills
  • Crisis management and the elderly person
  • Building age friendly cities
  • Problems and stigmatization of the elderly person in Africa settings

Key methodological skills

  • Community diagnosis
  • Quantitative research
  • Epidemiological surveillance
  • Qualitative research
  • Knowledge on Epidemiological statistical software

Current/planned research

  • Prevalence of Depression and its associated risk factors in rural Cameroon for a Master degree in Public Health.
  • Evaluation of the effect of SMSs on therapeutic adherence and curative rate of Tuberculosis. (National Tuberculosis Program)
  • The elderly person’s perception of the ageing process

Current engagement in capacity building

  • Masters Degree in Public Health
  • Workshop on various thematic on the elderly person
  • Member of the association of public health students which enables me to put in practice the theoretical concepts of public health by carrying out various activities in the community
  •  New member of INPEA an association working for the rights of the elderly person