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Mr Girma Mohammed

Ph.D Researcher

Ph.D Researcher: Free University of Amsterdam

Uilenstede, 157-4002, 1183 AC Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Tel: +31645664376

Mr. Mohammed holds a BA-degree in Theology with majors in Psychology and Counselling and a MA-degree in Social and Political Philosophy. He has taught as lecturer, has worked as a curriculum consultant and as an external researcher on immigration for the POLITIS project (funded by the European Commission), as well as on development aid work and the role of culture (for Woor en Daad). He is currently busy with his PhD in “Re-conceptualizing the interplay between religion and society in Ethiopia”.

Key research/capacity building interests

Research interests
• Ageing within an African (Ethiopian) context
• How ageing is perceived from an African (Ethiopian) paradigm
• Social roles of older persons within their Ethiopian community

Capacity building interests
• Lecturing

Key methodological skills
Both quantitative and qualitative research - Mr. Mohammed also uses hermeneutics (philosophy of interpretation) as a dialoguing method to understand social and cultural dynamics. This aids him in dealing with increasingly plural societies in the age of globalization without loosing sight on coherence.

Current/planned research
• Inter-generational ethics and its implication to Sub-Saharan African development
• Family ethics in Africa and its influence in family economic behaviour
• Fundamentalism and Ethics – An African perspective (contribution to book)
• Small entrepreneurial development in Ethiopia: Possibilities and challenges (contribution to book)