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Ms Nyikuri Mary Muyoka

Behavioural Scientist: Centre for disease control


Behavioural Scientist: Centre for disease control



PO Box 1578, Kisumu, Kenya



Tel: 57 202 2902/3
E-mail: /



Ms. Muyoka received her BA and MA in Anthropology from the
University of Nairobi, Kenya and is currently conducting research
at the Department of HIV Research and Prevention, CDC – Kisian Field Station.


Key research/capacity building interests


Research Interests

  • The changing patterns of widow inheritance and the impact on HIV transmission
  • Ageing childless – the impact of HIV/AIDS on couples seeking to have children in a limited resource setting
  • The empty nest – impact of HIV/AIDS on social relations

Key methodological skills

Quantitative research methods as well as qualitative research methodologies (focus group discussions, Life/Case histories, In-depth interviews, community consultations, narratives, baseline assessments, needs and assets assessments)


Current/planned research

Attitudes of the aged towards research