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Mr Samuel Munanu Mwangi

MA Student, Wichita State University


MA Student, Wichita State University



4000 E 17th St. #365
Wichita, KS 67208



Tell 1-316-519-9884



Mr. Munanu received a Bachelor of Education degree from Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya in 2002. Since 2005 he is enrolled in a Masters of Art course at Wichita State University


Key research/capacity building interests


Research Interests

  • Poverty and health in old age
  • Rights of older people
  • Gender issues

Key methodological skills

  • Qualitative methods using qualitative survey research
  • Online research for paper on intergenerational equity of the social security systems of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Current/planned research

  • Rural and urban ageing in East African settings
  • Policy programs for ageing in Kenya
  • Healthcare financing for older adults in Kenya

Current engagement in capacity building

Mentoring workshops for graduate students and work with a mentor.
Professional gerontological conferences, seminars and talks.