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Mrs Annabe Elizabeth Tredoux

Health Coach/Pharmacist

Health Coach/Pharmacist


P. o. Box1418
South Africa



Mrs. Tredoux is a coach working predominantly with health issues. Annabe supports clients with health problems to achieve mental and physical wellbeing. She support clients with therapy, changes in lifestyle and challenges of life stage transition. My focus group is ageing individuals.

The client profile includes post-stroke functionality, supporting families of individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, individuals with compassion fatigue, somatic coaching for stressed carers and offering regular therapeutic yoga classes to ageing individuals with specific emphasis on balance and back health for physical mobility.

Key research/capacity building interests

Research Interests

  • Health policy relating to chronic disease management
  • Physical functionality in ageing populations
  • Chronic disease and medication management
  • Wellbeing in the workplace


  • Health and somatic coaching
  • Therapeutic physical activity for ageing individuals
  • Project management skills

Key methodological skills

  • Environmental scanning
  • Scenario building
  • Qualitative methodology

Current/planned research

  • Maintaining physical functionality in ageing individuals with chronic disease
  • The relationship between physical activity and flourishing in the aged.
  • Change management skills for the aged

Current engagement in capacity building

  • Community workshops on health issues
  • Supervision for health and social services professionals
  • Soft skills development for NGO’s