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Ms Laurel Van de Keere

Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Health, Government of Alberta


Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Health, Government of Alberta


6th floor, Standard Life Centre,
10405 Jasper Avenue,
Edmonton, Alberta, T5J4R7,


Phone: 780-644-4481


Ms Van De Keere obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography and International Studies (2008) at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, Canada, and completed a Masters in International Development Studies (2010) at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.  Her thesis title was “Aging in an Era of Change: Contextualizing the Upcoming Demographic Shift in Marich Pass, North Western Kenya”.  In additions to research on demography and ageing she has conducted research on other topics ranging from health & care, immigration, graffiti as a tool of resistance, sustainability, labour policy,and others.

Key research / capacity building interests

Research Interests

  • Ageing & life course
  • Ageing & societal change
  • Critical gerontology
  • Demographic trends
  • Neoliberalism & service provision for the aged
  • Intergenerational relationships & exchange
  • Ageing in the rural & remote context
  • Ageing in Kenya & Canada
  • Workforce retirement policy

Key methodological skills

  • Qualitative methods: Roundtable interviews/focus group discussions; Semi- structured in-depth interviews; Participant observation
  • Quantitative methods: Surveys; Secondary data analysis
  • Analytic techniques: Context analysis; statistical packages

Current/planned research

  • Doctoral degree on aging, likely in the East African context

Current engagement in capacity building

  • Policy development for the Government of Alberta