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Mrs Mada Watson

Senior Lecturer in Community Nursing Science, North-West University, South Africa

Member of STTI

Senior Lecturer in Community Nursing Science, North-West University, South Africa           Member of STTI


PO Box 20818



South Africa





Mrs Watson has 30 years of experience in gerontology - nursing in the community including home-based care to the elderly (curative, preventative, promotive and rehabilitative). She is also the co-ordinator and co-developer of the study module on health promotion (fortogenic perspective) that is used inter-disciplinary in the Health Science Faculty of the North-West University (School of Pharmacology, Human Behavioural Science, Biokinetics, Nutrition and Nursing).



Key research/capacity building interests


Research Interests

  • Community-based support of the elderly
  • HIV/AIDS and the older person
  • Cultural congruent research with roots in qualitative methods

Capacity Building Interests

  • Mrs Watson is one of the Phelophepa Health Care Train, founder members, where students work on a train to gain community-based, inter-disciplinary practical experience.

Key methodological skills

  • Qualitative methods, research interview and focus groups - cultural competency resulted in a search for culturally sensitive research methods.

Current/planned research

  • Research for PhD thesis titled “Community-based collaboration to support the older person in the world of HIV/AIDS”.
  • Exploring possibilities on projects like a Granny-project.

Current engagement in capacity building

  • Community development (basic health education as a community project)
  • Project planning regarding community-based support for the older person together with the children and grandchildren