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Dr Hiroko Costantini

Marie Curie Fellow

Dr Hiroko Costantini joined the Institutes faculty in September 1st 2018 as a Marie Curie Fellow.

Dr Costantinis main area of research relates to eldercare, family relations, and care technologies, with a particular focus on men with care roles.

Her research addresses the nexus of family relations, gender and masculinity, and care for young and old family members. A main focus is on how gender permeates couplescare practices in the family and how mens involvement in care evolves, including in contemporary society and in a historical context, over their life course, from care for children to ageing parents. As the pressures of elderly care risk divergent unequal health and care outcomes for family working carers, an important issue is how deploying technologies may reduce such inequalities amongst family carers, and consequently how family relations may transform.

Her recent research focuses on men’s involvement in elderly care in Japan and France which is fully-funded by Horizon 2020 Marie Curie actions by the European Commission. Hirokos PhD, at University of Cambridge, was on how men negotiate their sense of masculinity and family relations. She previously earned an M.A. at Harvard University, an MSc at University of Oxford. Before embarking academia, she had worked as a broadcaster for TV stations in Japan, including a major channel NHK in Tokyo. Her publications include Grandfathering in Contemporary Japan: Altruistic and Self-Serving Means to Happinessin Wolfram Manzenreiter & Barbara Holthus (eds.), Happiness and Good Life in Japan, London: Routledge (2017), and Caring for My Wifes Parents? Reconciling Practices, Masculinity and Family Relations, Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific.