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Dr Carrie Ryan

Research Assistant

Carry Ryan was the Institute’s faculty memebr in April - December 2019. Prior to this she was an Academic Visitor at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing from October 2018 to July 2019.

Carrie completed her MPhil in Social Anthropology at Oxford University, writing on the politics of Advanced Health Care Directives in America. Carrie has recently submitted her DPhil in Social Anthropology at Oxford University, titled 'Risk and Care in Aging America,' which looks at the personal, social, and affective implications of elders' new responsibility to manage their individual, future risk as the welfare state wanes in America and inequality and precarity rise. She now teaches anthropology at Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University.

Her research interests include the social life of population ageing, inequalities in ageing and dying, and the affective experiences of ageing and caregiving in America.