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Kok Pim Kua

Academic Visitor

Kok Pim was a visiting researcher at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing. He was awarded the Institute's Leslie Kirkley Bursary in 2019 to undertake one academic term of study across the disciplines of clinical medicine, social science, public health, and primary care, within the field of age-related research, at the University of Oxford. Kok Pim received his undergraduate Master of Pharmacy degree from University of Strathclyde and his postgraduate Master of Biomedical Science degree from Monash University.

His major scholarly work has been on systematic reviews, meta-analyses, clinical studies, and epidemiological investigations of human disease and prescription medication use, particularly in resource-constrained settings, tropical and subtropical regions, and vulnerable groups, such as children and older adults. Kok Pim’s current areas of research focus encompass exploring the potential of improving health through better housing, understanding how innovative engineering and architectural designs and emerging building materials impact occupant or resident wellbeing, and identifying promising methods to promote environmental compliance in the daily context of operating complex facilities, such as manufacturing plants and wastewater treatment. Additionally, Kok Pim possesses a growing research interest in multidisciplinary interventions, adaptations, and prevention technologies that help mitigate adverse effects of climate change, enhance human health and wellbeing, as well as produce tangible benefits to diverse global populations at the highest possible levels of humanity, environmental responsibility, and sustainability.   

At present, Kok Pim serves as an author or co-author of more than 25 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Research Articles: PubMed, Google Scholar, Oxford Academic, Loop, ResearchGate, ORCID