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Dr Christian Langkamp

Visiting Academic

Christian Langkamp was a Visiting Academic at the Oxford institute of Population Ageing from 1st Oct 2020 to 30 Sep 2021 and is based in Commonwealth House, Oxford.

Christian is interested in the topic of friendship and its maintenance. His background is in mathematics (Lincoln, Oxford 99-03) and business administration (MBA RWTH Aachen, Dr. rer. Pol. Duisburg-Essen) with a 15 year career in BASF Group in Treasury, Controlling and Advanced Business Analytics. The concrete topic under investigation is how to support and coax middle-age adults into consistently spending a percentage of their time to maintain old friendships and build new ones in the age group 30-60, enabling them to enter third age with a functional social circle to build on. Details and Updates can be found on

During the Covid-19 epidemic and based on his research he programmed the application which can be used by University students, companies, local communities or befriending services to connect people with friendship potential.