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Emily Schuler

Visiting Student

Emily Schuler is a Visiting Student at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing from 1st November 2020 to 31 December 2021.

Emily is based in Recife, Brazil and since 2013 has been active in the field of research at the Catholic University of Pernambuco, Brazil (Universidade Católica de Pernambuco – UNICAP) in the Laboratory of Family, Social Interaction and Health (LAFAM). She also teaches at the Graduate Course in Gerontology at the same institution. Her research interest is family, intergenerational relationships, transgenerational relationships, ageing and, more specifically, the role of great-grandparents in the family, all of which will be focused at the Institute.

Emily is currently a Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology at the Catholic University of Pernambuco with a Capes Scholarship (Coordination of Improvement in Higher Education of the Brazilian Education Ministry). She also obtained her Bachelor (2016) and Masters (2018) in Clinical Psychology at the same institution with a Capes Scholarship.

Links to publicly accessible reports; academic publications available on request.