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Liu (Kris) Chang

Visiting Student

Kris was a Visiting Student at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing from 1 October 2021 to 12 March 2021.

She is a final-year PhD candidate at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with postgraduate scholarship and Project Associate at the Institute of Active Ageing of the same institution. She has served as guest lecturer at the Hong Kong University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Kris has been active in the field of social gerontology, with research interest in intergenerational relationships, caregiver stress and burden, and care planning in ageing families. She has published and co-authored in works in international academic journals.

She is currently working on her doctoral project which is about filial anxiety and preparation for caregiving among one-child generations in China. During her stay at OIPA, she would like to share the perspectives and research findings from China and attract more attention to the research areas of anticipatory caregiving stress and caregiving preparation among adult children.

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