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Prof Ling Wang

Leslie Kirkley Visiting Academic

Professor Ling Wang is a Leslie Kirkley Visiting Academic at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing where she is working on long-term care policy, the educational and social support of nursing staff; policy framework and applied ethics dimensions of policy-making in this area. She maintains especially a continuing interest in educational and social support for family caregivers and formal caregivers.

As the principal investigator, She has successfully conducted 24 funded projects, including 8 international projects, 5 national projects and 12 provincial projects in China; she published 28 academic articles in the list of CSSCI source journals and Chinese core journals. She is an associate professor of pedagogy in China. Her background in pedagogy mainly reflected in her early publications and funded projects on the curriculum and instruction of higher vocational education.

She is also a guest researcher and PhD candidate at Leiden University, focusing on a comparative study on education and social support for Dutch and Chinese formal caregivers. She also previously worked as a visiting scholar funded by China Scholarship Council at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Germany, where her research focused on curriculum and instruction at German universities of applied sciences.

She co-founded Beijing Zuofu Culture and Technology Co., Ltd as a co-founder in 2015. The Beijing company, as the initiator, co-founded the German-Chinese Institute for Elderly Care with two German partners. This institute has 6 branches in 6 college partners in China. The institute is dedicated to the education and training, curriculum and instruction for nurses and nursing staff; comparative research on long-term care systems; and management models and standards for advanced nursing homes, and so on.