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Han Xiao

Visiting Student

Han Xiao is a visiting student at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing.

She is a Ph.D. student in the School of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, Peking University. Her research area is health psychology. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2022. Her previous research includes several populations and topics, such as preschooler children’s behavior problems, school children’s math anxiety, family relationships, maternal depression, parenting burnout, undergraduates’ learning burnout, Alzheimer’s cognition. Her research results were published in Psychological Research, China Journal of Health Psychology, Patient Education and Counseling, National Academic Conference of Psychology, etc.

During her stay at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing she will focus on the causes, mechanisms, as well as physical and psychological consequences of loneliness in older people and other marginalized groups. She also considers cross-cultural differences in loneliness. According to the potential mechanism of loneliness, she intends to design and implement effective interventions to improve the well-being of loneliness groups.