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Chengmeng Zhang

Visiting Student

Chengmeng Zhang is currently as a Visiting Ph.D  Student at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing from October 2023 to April 2024. He is a doctoral candidate of Demography at Peking University, where he is the recipient of the  Weiming Fellow Ph.D Scholarship in the field of Carbon and Climate. Chengmeng is also actively involved in several academic capacities, as a young editorial promotion member of the Journal of Intelligent Society and holds membership in renowned academic organizations such as IEEE.

Chengmeng's primary research focus encompasses the domains of climate demography, including the study of carbon behavior and the implications of climate change. His interests also extend to population-resource-environment dynamics, voluntary public welfare initiatives, and the realm of intelligent social governance. He has demonstrated his expertise by publishing research in various Chinese and international academic journals, including contributions to Frontiers on Environmental Science, IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society, and Disability Research (in Chinese) and Ecological Economy (in Chinese), and has been presented at conferences like IJCAI 2022 and ISID2022.