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ULI Europe Conference 2017: Setting the Scene

Mar 2017

We are in an era of rapid change. Geo-politics is having an ever-increasing impact on countries, cities, economies, people and the real estate sector. And global powers such as the US, China, and Russia are facing increased uncertainty. In Europe, demographic changes and migration in particular, remain in the spotlight. Between the fall-out from Brexit and the growing dichotomy between urban and rural areas, cities are grappling to find ways to deal with these issues, in an ever more competitive world. Given the turbulent geo-political situation across the world, financial markets are seeing increased volatility on all levels. How is the macro-economic situation impacted by these major factors at play? Where can we find value in the current low growth environment and what are the major challenges? In this session, three key-note speakers present their views on geopolitics, demographics and macroeconomics respectively, followed by Q&A and debate.

Moderator: Bénédicte Paviot, France 24

Prof. Sarah Harper, University of Oxford
Dr. Robin Niblett CMG, Chatham House
Dr. Gertrud Traud, Helaba