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Hypatia Grant | Els van Wijngaarden

The Institute is delighted to announce that Prof. Els van Wijngaarden, Associate Professor in Care Ethics is awarded a Hypatia Tenure Track Grant. The total award is 1 Million Euro for four years. This grant is established by the Radboud University Medical Center (in Nijmegen, the Netherlands), and aims to promote innovation in academic research by giving creative and excellent researchers the opportunity to further their own research line. 

The Hypatia Grant will enable Prof. van Wijngaarden to build her own research group around “Contemporary Meanings of Ageing and Dying, Existential and Ethical Questions in Integrated Healthcare Settings”. 

Prof. van Wijngaarden’s winning shows the recognition of her excellent research on death and dying in old age, and societal impact and practical relevance of her research. Previously she was awarded the prestigious Research Prize 2017 of the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation for her PhD-research on ‘Older people who consider their lives to be completed and no longer worth living’.

Currently, van Wijngaarden is a Visiting James Martin Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing. In 2018, she also visited the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing with a grant from the Dr. Catharine van Tussenbroek Foundation.