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Nana Nanitashvili

Senior Research Officer

01865 612817


Nana joined the Institute in 2010 to work with Professor Sarah Harper and  Dr. Andreas Hoff on the research project “Future of Cities: Climate Change and Population Ageing – Conflict and Convergence” funded by the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities within the James Martin 21st Century School. Nana also worked with  Professor Sarah Harper on the following projects:

  • 'Foresight Trends: Future of an Ageing Population', part of Future of ageing and Foresight projects.
  • 'Migration and Global Environmental Change: Future Challenges and Opportunities' commissioned as part of the UK Government’s Foresight Project 'Migration and Global Environmental Change'
  • Brill’s Critical Readings Projects on Ageing in East Asia commissioned by the Dutch scholarly publishing house BRILL.
  • What will the age profile of the population mean for notions of identity in the next 10 years?
  • The Oxford Programme on Fertility, Education and Environment, developing interactive data visualisation to explore the importance of education as a driver of fertility reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Managing Editor of 'Population Horizons' Journal. 
  • Nana is responsible for the curating of the Institute’s web and social media platforms in order to ensure that research and achievements are effectively communicated.

She receievd an MSc in Environmental Change and Management (2003) from the University of Oxford.