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Journal of Population Ageing

Journal of Population Ageing

Editor-in-Chief: S. Harper; G. Leeson

ISSN: 1874-7884 (print version)
ISSN: 1874-7876 (electronic version)

Journal no. 12062

There is growing awareness of the importance of population ageing in shaping the current and future society. Mainstream demographers, economists, biologists, sociologists, geographers and those from development and area studies and public health, are all entering the field of ageing research.

The Journal of Population Ageing (JPA) provides a forum for international, cross-disciplinary debate on population ageing. Its focus is on theoretical and empirical research and methodological innovation and development.

JPA addresses the broad questions of ageing societies internationally, thereby stimulating discussion of North American, European, and Transitional and Developing World issues. This interdisciplinary journal publishes high quality research of interest to professionals working in the fields of demography, bio-demography, development studies, area studies sociology, geography, history, social gerontology, economics, and social and health policy.

The Journal was launched in 2008 and publishes in four issues of 90 pages each per year, comprising of among others an editorial, original peer reviewed articles, book reviews and an abstract section. 

JPA would like to invite contributions in line with its focus, as well as encouraging suggestions for themed editions. Those wishing to submit an article should do so via the Editorial Manager site.   

Special Issue Call for papers on Climate Change and Implications for Older Adult Health

We welcome submissions to this special issue on Climate Change and Implications for Older Adult Health  in line with our general guidelines.  A  250-word abstract describing the paper should be submitted.  Our   editors will identify abstracts of interest and selected authors will be invited to submit full manuscripts for full evaluation under our usual peer-review process.

Before submission, authors should carefully read the Author Guidelines for JPA. Abstracts should be submitted electronically via the JPA website 

►Abstracts due: April 2, 2024

►Full manuscripts due: October 2 , 2024

►Issue published: June 2025