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Book Chapters

Population ageing and the demographic deficit: exploring the second demographic dividend

Baby boomers and sustainable tourism: The need for a new research agenda

Resilient leadership in the tourism industry

The market power of older travellers and how they are portrayed: a practical approach to an increasing market segment

Um estudo de caso sobre o papel de bisavó no Brasil

Resilience of Tourism Employees

Culture as Animator of Intergenerational Gathering Places

Gastronomic tourism and the senior foodies market

Lay-person defined successful aging

Senior Tourism and Customer Experience: Links and Opportunities

Generational bonds between grandparents and adolescent grandchildren

Aging Well.

Social work within governmental, social and cultural regimes

Extreme Ageing

Senior Travellers: an Emerging Market Segment in Gastronomy Tourism

Beauty in motion: collective creativity in contemporary dance

Family Trajectories and Life Satisfaction: The Swiss Case

Stories of intimacy and sexuality in later life: Solo women speak

Single women living alone in later life: a short review

How Retirement Is Financed in the East and West

The Silver segment: a case study on how to adapt marketing strategies to segmentation opportunities in the hospitality industry

Senior Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Challenges and Opportunities for improving the Customer Experience of an evolving market segments

Allongement de la vie et transformations des familles : implications pour les politiques publiques.

Population Ageing in South-East Asia

Russia’s Changing Economic and Military Relations with Europe and Asia from Cold War to the Ukraine Conflict: The Impacts of Power Balances, Partnerships, and Economic Warfare

Russia’s Changing Economic and Military Relations with Europe and Asia from Cold War to the Ukraine Conflict: The Impacts of Power Balances, Partnerships, and Economic Warfare (PDF, 1.28 MB)

Health Security

Intergenerational Gatherings Among the Water and Willows

Out of the Shadows: Are Grandfathers Defining Their Own Roles in the Modern Family in Denmark?

Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa: Spaces and Practices of Care

Increasing longevity and family dynamics in Latin America

Increasing longevity and family dynamics in Latin America (PDF, 4.21 MB)

Spatial microsimulation for agent-based models.

Spatial microsimulation for agent-based models (PDF, 729 KB)

Environment, Health and Ageing, in Environmental Gerontology in Europe and Latin America – Policies and Perspectives on Environment and Aging

Turkish Migration, Identity and Integration

Migration and Ageing Societies

Conceptualising Social Policy for the Twenty-first-century Demography.

Population Ageing in East Asia

Introduction: Critical Readings Projects on Ageing in East Asia

Policy and practitioner responses to the challenges of population ageing: Introduction

Research Methods for Business and Social Science Students

Health and Social care Integration: Policy and Practice

Becoming a grandfather is life’s dessert. A study of the role of grandfathers in the modern family in Denmark

Families, Older Persons and Care in contexts of Poverty: the Case of South Africa

Demographic and Environmental Transitions

Levels of welfarism and intergenerational transfers within the family: evidence from the Global Ageing Survey (GLAS)

Implications of 20th Century policy models for 21st Century demography

Identity and Demographic Change

Falling Fertility, Ageing and Europe’s Demographic Deficit

The demographics of ageing in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Iberian Peninsula, 1950-2050

Childbearing in adolescents aged 12–15 years in low resource countries: a neglected issue. New estimates from demographic and household surveys in 42 countries

Making culture through dance

Sociology of normal ageing

Intergenerational Solidarity and Life Satisfaction of Older People in Contemporary South Korea

Country Monographs: Post-Apartheid South Africa

Migration as a policy response to population ageing – Public sector governance of emerging risks

Understanding African Migration: Intergenerational Relations, Citizenship and Belonging in a Comparative Context

Age structural change and the demographic transition

Introduction: Citizenship, Belonging and Intergenerational Relations in African Migration

Health and well-being in older workers: Capacity change with age

The effect of self-rated-health (SRH) on the quality of life (QoL) of older adults across the world: evidence from a global ageing survey “The future of retirement”.

Productive ageing: what do we know?

Future Ageing in Southeast Asia: Demographic Trends, Human Capital and Health Status

Population Ageing in Bangladesh: Trends and Challenges


The Impact of the out-migration of female care workers on informal family care in Nigeria and Bulgaria

Working in Later Life: from yesterday’s “older worker” to tomorrow’s “key talent

Sociological Approaches to Age and Ageing

Sleeping as a Refuge? Embodied Vulnerability and Corporeal Security during Refugees' Sleep at the Thai-Burma Border

The ageing of family life transitions.

Understanding Grandparenthood

The Puzzle of Retirement and Early Retirement

The implications of ageing societies

The Health and Welfare of African – American Older Women living in Chicago

Constructing later life, constructing the body some thoughts from feminist theory

Contesting later life

The greening of rural discourse

Ageing in rural society

The people and culture of China

People moving to the countryside: case studies of decision making

The emergence and consolidation of the retirement tradition in post-war Britain.

Settlement, housing and population in the English rural-urban interface

The consolidation of old age as a phase of life (1945-65)

The impact of the retirement debate on post-war retirement trends.

House types and village social form in the commuter belt of large conurbations