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How Retirement Is Financed in the East and West

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Hafiz T. A. Khan  (2017) How Retirement Is Financed in the East and West. In Matt Flynn , Yuxin Li , Anthony Chiva (ed.) Managing the Ageing Workforce in the East and the West (The Changing Context of Managing People, Volume ) Emerald Publishing Limited, pp.83 - 110. ISBN: 978-1-78714-639-6

Financing retirement is an important aspect of later life that is related to overall healthy living and wellbeing. Very little is known about the attitudes of people towards their individual future retirement plans, accrued savings or even finances once they are into old age. There are no comparative studies across geographical regions that may help with understanding the complex behaviour of individuals and social norms. This chapter examines how life in retirement in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong is financed while also capturing regional disparities. This study uses data collected from primary sources in both territories. Quantitative analysis was carried out in order to answer key research questions. The findings suggest that employees plan to work longer than their actual retirement age and are not prepared for retirement whereas educated and higher income groups generally have savings plans in place to finance their later lives. These findings have significant implications for organisations and policy makers.

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