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Insights into Informal Caregivers' Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Analysis of Care Intensity, Location, and Relationship

Staying with the Violence: Reflections on Traveller Violence(s), Multi-perspectivism, and Raw Ethnography

Reframing stigma in Tourette syndrome: an updated scoping review

Ageing in pandemic and post-pandemic

Concerns Over Population Ageing: Still a Contested Space

Demographic Trends in the Asia-Pacific Region: Converging but Different Population Challenges

Vagabond Savages’: Moving from Vagrancy to Nomadism in European History. Nomads Land: Exploring the Social and Political Life of the Nomad Category

Are chefs happiness providers? Exploring the impact of organisational support, intrapreneurship and interactional justice from the perspective of happiness management

Worsened ability to engage in social and physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic and older adults’ mental health: Longitudinal analysis from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA)

Ethnographic closeness: methodological reflections on the interplay of engagement and detachment in immersive ethnographic research

Infections, Vaccinations, and Risk of Alzheimer's Disease (AD)/Dementia

The association of herpes zoster and influenza vaccinations with the risk of developing dementia

Volunteer tourism: The future of baby boomer tourists in a post pandemic world

Living well while providing support: validation of LTCQ-Carer for assessing informal carers’ quality of life

Changing Chinese Family and Implications for Elder Care

Tourette’s syndrome, stigma and workplace, adjustments. Supporting workers with Tourette’s

Barriers in health and social care access and systems navigation among older adults without advocates

Hotel customers’ behavioral intentions toward service robots: the role of utilitarian and hedonic values

The Implications of Climate Change for the Health of Older Adults

Non-Kin Carers: An Emerging Force in Contemporary Care Systems

Ageing Societies are a Triumph

Volunteering and Depression among Older Adults: An Empirical Analysis Based on CLASS 2018

Understanding and improving older people's well-being through social prescribing involving the cultural sector: Interviews from a realist evaluation

Age Discrimination and older workers: is self-employment a response to ageism

Internet use by informal caregivers in Chile: An analysis including age and gender perspectives

Prevalence, determinants and consequences of problematic smartphone use among preschoolers (3-5 years) from Dhaka, Bangladesh: A cross-sectional investigation

Tourism as a Means of Happiness and Subjective Well-Being for Senior Travelers

Internet use and life satisfaction among Chinese older adults: the mediating effects of social interaction

Do Health Information Sources Influence Health Literacy among Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study in the Urban Areas of Western China

The demography of super survivors in England & Wales

Destination selection by aging travelers: a literature review

Physical Activity Among Older Women Living in Rural Areas in Canada

Shepherding Sub-Saharan Africa's Wildlife Through Peak Anthropogenic Pressure Toward a Green Anthropocene

Helping Healthcare Providers to Differentiate COVID-19 Pneumonia by Analyzing Digital Chest X-Rays: Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Practice

Baby boomers and their growing interest in spa and wellness tourism

Factors affecting hotel managers’ intentions to adopt robotic technologies: A global study

Discovering silver market segments in cooking courses: The case of Basque Culinary Center

Internet Addiction of Older Women and Its Relationship With Social Influence and Social Networks Use as a Mediator

Experiences and meaning of loneliness beyond age and group identity

The dynamics of grandfathers: A comparative analysis of Mexican and Spanish society

Not Quite the End of Nomadism: Gypsies, Travellers and Roma in Contemporary Europe

Potential Involvement of Varicella Zoster Virus in Alzheimer's Disease via Reactivation of Quiescent Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

Social prescribing for older people and the role of the cultural sector during the COVID-19 pandemic: What are link workers' views and experiences?

The impact of son or daughter care on Chinese older adults' mental health

A Call for Caution: “Stop That” Sentiments Threaten Tic Research, Healthcare, and Advocacy

Editorial: Forty Years of Global Action on Ageing: What Has Been Achieved?

How active can pre-schoolers be at home? Parents' and grandparents' perceptions of children's day-to-day activity, with implications for physical activity policy

Associations between social support provided and walkability among older adults: Health self-consciousness as a moderator

Efficiency Evaluation of Employment Agencies by Means of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)

A lost decade? A renewed case for adult social care reform in England.

Consumer (Non) Complaint Behavior: An Empirical Analysis of Senior Consumers in German

Son or Daughter Care in Relation to Self-Reported Health Outcomes for Older Adults in China

Longitudinal analysis of local government spending on adult social care and carers' subjective well-being in England

Does antiherpetic antiviral therapy reduce the risk of dementia?

Differences in risk factors associated with single and multiple concurrent forms of undernutrition (stunting, wasting or underweight) among children under 5 in Bangladesh: a nationally representative cross-sectional study

Falls in Older Ambulatory Care patients with cancer in Iran: Implications with clinical practice

Tourism preferences of seniors and their impact on healthy ageing,

Stigma and Adults with Tourette’s syndrome: “Never laugh at other people’s disabilities, unless they have Tourette’s - because how can you not?”

Great-Grand Parents in Brazil? A Socio-Demographic Contextualization

The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Global Population Ageing

Using an implementation science approach to implement and evaluate Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) initiatives in routine care settings

The Impact of Austerity Measures on People with Intellectual Disabilities in England

Use of the Long-Term Conditions Questionnaire (LTCQ) for monitoring health-related quality of life in people affected by cognitive impairment including dementia: pilot study in UK memory clinic services

Paternal origins of obesity: emerging evidence for incorporating epigenetic pathways into the social determinants of health framework

Societal Need for Interdisciplinary Ageing Research: IARU-ALH Position Statement

Trends and projections of under-5 mortality in Bangladesh including the effects of maternal high-risk fertility behaviours and use of healthcare services

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Older Adults: Institutionalised Ageism or Pragmatic Policy?

Antivirals Against SARS-CoV2: Relevance to the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Rasch analysis of the Long-Term Conditions Questionnaire (LTCQ) and development of a short-form (LTCQ-8)

Employment trajectories and health: cohort differences in English and French women

Estimating EQ-5D utilities based on the Short-Form Long Term Conditions Questionnaire (LTCQ-8)

The social care needs of adults with Tourette's Syndrome: An exploratory study

Exploring the association between adverse maternal circumstances and low birth weight in neonates: a nationwide population-based study in Bangladesh

Humanitarian Emergencies of Rohingya Older People in Bangladesh: A Qualitative Study on Hopes and Reality

Becoming less eligible? Intellectual disability services in the age of austerity

Global lockdown: An effective safeguard in responding to the threat of COVID-19

Priorities, Shortages, and Rationing in the UK and Russia National Health Services during 2000–2019: Initial Conditions for Responses to Covid-19.

A systematic assessment on COVID-19 preparedness and transition strategy in Bangladesh

Socio-demographic risk factors for severe malnutrition in children aged under five among various birth cohorts in Bangladesh

Sense of Community Mediating Between Age-Friendly Characteristics and Life Satisfaction of Community-Dwelling Older Adults

A Systematic Review of Physical and Psychological Health and Wellbeing of Older Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

How policy configurations matter: a critical look into pro-natal policy in South Korea based on a gender and family framework

Time-to-Death approach in revealing Chronicity and Severity of COVID-19 across the World

Changing Consumer Values and Shopping Behaviour in India

Global Risks and the Resilience of Future Health Care Systems

Manage Your Money, Be Satisfied? Money Management Practices and Financial Satisfaction of Couples Through the Lens of Gender

The Convergence of Population Ageing with Climate Change

Pathways to Sustainable Intergenerational Programs: Lessons Learned from Portugal.

A Turning Point in Alzheimer's Disease: Microbes Matter

From Early to Later Life

Tourette’s is a lonely place: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the personal experience and identity of adults with Tourette’s syndrome

Living Longer within Ageing Societies

The Dynamics of British Welfare Pluralism from Post World War II until the New Labour Government

Educational differentials in the realisation of fertility intentions: Is sub-Saharan Africa different?

Health behaviors and multimorbidity resilience among older adults using the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

Senior Foodies: A developing niche market in gastronomic tourism

Conceptualising and operationalising resilience in older adults

Mobilizing mHealth Data Collection in Older Adults: Challenges and Opportunities

Self-efficacy and health-related quality of life: a cross-sectional study of primary care patients with multi-morbidity

Executive Function Training in Connection with Falls on Elderly Thais

Dementia in the Bangladeshi diaspora in England: a qualitative study of the myths and stigmas about dementia

The Impact of Private Sector Provision of Home-Based Services for Older People in Beijing

The ageing and de-institutionalisation of death—Evidence from England and Wales

Cartografias do envelhecimento em contexto rural: notas sobre raca/etnia, genero, classe e escolaridade

Development and Concurrent Validity of a Composite Social Isolation Index for Older Adults Using the CLSA

The Impact of Life Course Employment and Domestic Duties on the Well-Being of Retired Women and the Social Protection Systems That Frame This

Transnational mobility and cross-border family life-cycles of Italian migrants: A century of Welsh Italian migration

Prevalence and predictors of tobacco smoking among university students in Sylhet Division, Bangladesh

Population ageing in a globalized world: Risks and dilemmas?


The context of coping: a qualitative exploration of underlying inequalities that influence health services support for people living with long-term conditions

Austerity and the lives of people with Learning Disabilities. A thematic synthesis of current literature

Quality of life and burden of morbidity in primary care users with multimorbidity

The Political Economy of Healthcare Policy of the Welfare State: National Health Service Reform by the Conservative and New Labour Governments from 1979 to 2010

Immune aberrations in obsessive compulsive disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

The relationship between conversion factors and health: Empirical evidence from ready-made garment workers in Bangladesh

MENA: the demography of youth, the demography of ageing

MENA: the demography of youth, the demography of ageing (PDF, 96 KB)

An analysis of the effect of the use of the internet and social support on depression among urban elderly:Evidence from three cities in West China

Continuing and Emerging Trends of Senior Tourism: A Review of the Literature.

Lengthening of Life: the importance of context and life course

Psychosocial aspects of successful ageing and resilience: critique, integration and implications.

Labour market insecurity and social exclusion: Qualitative comparative results in nine countries

Resilience of Patients with Chronic Diseases

Happiness and State: Multidisciplinary Interpretation of Happiness and Its Policy Implication

Personal goals in later life: Opportunities and innovation for an aging society

Correlates of Healthy Life Expectancy in Low- and Lower-Middle-Income Countries

Single women and later life: Health and well-being of older single women living alone in the UK.

Socioeconomic transition and its influence on Body Mass Index (BMI) pattern in Bangladesh

Falling and Aging: Impact of Cognitive and Motor Plasticity Training

Como la poblacion transformara nuestro mundo

Social participation among older adults in Belgium's Flanders region: exploring the roles of both new and old media usage.

Exploring the association of learning participation with the quality of life of older Chinese adults: a mixed methods approach

The Qualitative Stage of Building Bayesian Belief Networks in a Focus Group Setting

Living to 100 years and beyond: Drivers and implications

Social policy and late-life happiness

The association between sexual behaviours and initiation of post-secondary education in South Africa, Journal of Biosocial Science

Evaluation of Community Perspectives on National Health Insurance Policy to Health Service Delivery in Ghana,

Global demographic change and grandparenthood

As the World Ages: When Older Populations Become the Majority

Son Preference and Family Limitation in Pakistan: A Parity- and Contraceptive Method–Specific Analysis

Senior tourism: An emerging and attractive market segment for destinations

Reliability and validity of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale in a population-based cohort of US adults

Typical Oversights when Managing an Intergenerational Program: A Reflection from Portugal

Programas de educação intergeracional sustentáveis: desafios atuais e perspetivas futuras

Age discriminating advertising in Germany: Is this an issue? Basic statistical analysis of complaints to the “Deutsche Werberat"

A Review Article: Environmental Hazards at Home and Ergonomics as Fall Prevention for Elderly Population

Physical activity, dog ownership and falls among older adults: a breed apart

Changing trends in the baby boomer travel market: importance of memorable experiences

Socioeconomic inequalities in resilience and vulnerability among older adults: A population-based birth cohort analysis

Urban-rural differences in disability-free life expectancy in Bangladesh using the 2010 HIES data

Factors influencing the initiation of smokeless tobacco consumption among low socioeconomic community in Bangladesh: A Qualitative Investigation

Dying comfortably in very old age with or without dementia in different care settings - A representative "older old" population study

Realizing the Potentials of Ageing

Book Review – Research Methods in the Social sciences

Education and Successful Aging Trajectories: A Longitudinal Population-Based Latent Variable Modelling Analysis

Book review - Race, Place and the Seaside – postcards from the edge

I’m not being rude, I’d want somebody normal”: Adolescents’ Perception of their Peers with Tourette’s Syndrome: an Exploratory Study

Long-Term Conditions Questionnaire (LTCQ): initial validation survey among primary care patients and social care recipients in England

The Reformation of Age and Ageing

Socio-economic inequalities in health among older adults in two rural sub-districts in India and Bangladesh: a comparative cross-sectional study

Nexus Between Demographic Change and Elderly Care Need in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries: Some Policy Implications

Leisure Travelling and its Link to an Active and Healthy Ageing

Leisure Travelling and its Link to an Active and Healthy Ageing (PDF, 336 KB)

Irish Travellers: Ethnicity, Persistence, Recognition

Healthy ageing, resilience and wellbeing

Longevity, Politics and Science – Moving from the Outcomes to Understanding the Process

Book Review- Immunity: How Elie Metchnikoff Changed the Life of Modern Medicine by Luba Vikhanski

“South Korea’s Comprehensive Security System and Disasters: The Sewol Ferry Tragedy”

The Possibility and Limitation of Age-friendly Industry Activation Policy of the Korean Government: ‘From the First to Third Plan for Ageing Society and Population

Book Review – The Short Guide to Ageing and Gerontology, by Kate de Medeiros

Harnessing the Youth Bulge: How Asia can take advantage of its changing age composition

Book Review- Handbook of Theories of Ageing (Third Edited Edition) by Vern L. Bengtson and Richard A. Settersten

Children and youth's biopsychosocial health in the context of energy resource activities

The Changing Capabilities of Cohorts of the Elderly in Russia during 1990–2020: Measurement using a Quantitative Index

Senior Tourism: Towards and Active and Healthy Ageing

Effect of early sexual debut on high school completion in South Africa

Relationship between depression and frailty in older adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis

The Policy Discourse of Active Ageing: Some Reflections

Do State Pensions Crowd Out Private Transfers? A Semiparametric Analysis in Urban China

Intergenerational relations and rural development among the Karen in Northern Thailand

The Gendered Impact of the National Pension Scheme on Late-Life Economic Well-being: Evidence from the Korean Retirement and Income Study

Exploring the relationship of Domestic violence on Health Seeking behavior and Empowerment of Women in Pakistan

Hospital Services for Ill Patients in the Middle-Belt Geopolitical Zone, Nigeria: Patient’s Waiting Time and Level of Satisfaction.

The Important Role of Migration for an Ageing Nation

Making the UK more Resilient to Age-Structural Change and Longevity: Translating Academic Evidence into Policy

The Dynamics of Intergenerational Solidarity and Depression of Older People: The Mediating and Moderating Effects of Affectual and Structural Solidarity

Transnational mobility and cross border family life cycles: a century of welsh-Italian migration

The Strategic Impact of Country of Origin on Senior Tourism Demand: the Need to Balance Global and Local Strategies

Stigma in youth with Tourette’s syndrome: a systematic review and synthesis, European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,

Book Review - Being Human, Being Migrant: Senses of Self and Well-Being

A Novel Examination of Successful Aging Trajectories at the End of Life

The impact of mortality development on the number of centenarians in England and Wales

The epidemiology of back pain and its relationship with depression, psychosis, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and stress sensitivity: Data from 43 low- and middle-income countries

Telecare, obtrusiveness, acceptance and use: An empirical exploration

Exploring the Relationship between Social Support and Life Satisfaction among Rural Elderly in Japan

Changes in the labour market and health inequalities during the years of the recent economic downturn in Italy.

Marital status transitions and self-reported health among Canadians: A life course perspective.

Inflammation and Frailty in the Elderly: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Operationalising resilience in longitudinal studies: a systematic review of methodological approaches

Inequality of BMI dynamics: A socioeconomic and gender perspective.

Climate Change Impact: The experience of the coastal areas of Bangladesh affected by Cyclones Sidr and Aila

Climate change induced natural disasters impact on the health of the coastal people in Bangladesh

Living arrangements and intergenerational monetary transfer of older Chinese

Myanmar's political transition and educational aspirations of refugees in Thailand

Integration of Syrian asylum seekers and refugees in Austria: the role of education and skills

Older men and social activity: A scoping review of Men’s Sheds and other gendered interventions

The Long-Term Conditions Questionnaire (LTCQ): conceptual framework and item development

Refinement of the Long-Term Conditions Questionnaire (LTCQ): patient and expert stakeholder opinion

Familial solidarity and orientation and life enjoyment in later life in urban areas of Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore

Resilience measurement in later life: A systematic review and psychometric analysis

Women’s Participation in Economic and NGO Activities in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study on the Bangladesh Demography and Health Survey (BDHS)

Identification of Genomic Markers Correlated with Sensitivity in Solid Tumors to Dasatinib Using Sparse Principal Components

Addressing Longevity, Life Expectancy and Health Life Expectancy

Night-Time and Refugees: Evidence from the Thai-Myanmar Border

Job Satisfaction and Socio-Demographic Nexus: An Examination of Business Link Employees in England

Spatial pattern of structural ageing in eastern Croatia: evolution and explanations

Elderly Users’ Perspective on the Use of Technology in Daily Life: A Comparative Study of a sample in the UK and Brazil

Bodies of knowledge: medical anthropology and interdisciplinarity

Correlates of Socioeconomic Status and the Health of Older People in the United Kingdom: A Review

A longitudinal population-based analysis of relationship status and mortality in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 2001–2011

Global population aging: Unequal distribution of risks in later life between developed and developing countries

What is fertility stalling and why does it matter?

What is fertility stalling and why does it matter? (PDF, 127 KB)

Grandfatherhood: Shifting Masculinities in Later Life

The European Theory of Social Quality and Its Applicability to Asian Societies

Self-Reported Health Status of Older Adults in Malaysia and Singapore: Evidence from the 2007 Global Ageing Survey

For love or reward? Characterising preferences for giving to parents in an experimental setting

Theory of Intergenerational Ambivalence: Is It the Perfect New Lens for Studying Intergenerational Relationships?

Between Country Variations in Self-Rated-Health and Associations with the Quality of Life of Older People: Evidence from the Global Ageing Survey

Factors Associated with Intergenerational Social Support among Older Adults across the World

Intergenerational Transfer and Intergenerational Stake Hypothesis between Older Parents and Their Adult Children by Gender

Ageing in Post-Industrial Society: Trends and Trajectories

Aging Populations and Management: From the Editors

Children’s learning practices in Ethiopia: observations from primary school classes

I feel well when I can help mother – Life course transitions, intergenerational relations and rural development in northern Thailand

Development and Application of a Survey quality Assessment Model

How do sex ratios in China influence marriage decisions and intra-household resource allocation?

A meta-ethnography of patients’ experience of chronic non-malignant musculoskeletal pain

Caregiving for older people in contexts of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: recognizing and addressing a ‘Cultural lag’

Promoting sexual and reproductive health among adolescents in southern and eastern Africa (PREPARE): project design and conceptual framework

Insight’s for Singapore’s Re-employment Legislation: Evidence from the Global Ageing Survey (GLAS)

Increasing Longevity and the New Demography of Death

Economic and social implications of aging societies

Effectiveness of a Pre-treatment Snack on the Uptake of Mass Treatment for Schistosomiasis in Uganda: A Cluster Randomized Trial

Future prospects for longevity

Communication between children with HIV and their caregivers about HIV medicines: a cross sectional study in Jinja district, Uganda

Research Methods for Business and Social Science Students

Intergenerational negotiation of future care of older persons: a comparative study in the South African context

Spaces for talking: Communication patterns of children on antiretroviral therapy in Uganda

The Opportunity for “Design” to Influence the Ageing Process Itself

Review of H. Yallop: Age and Identity in Eighteenth-Century England.

Dawning of a New Age for Longitudinal Cohort Data

The Type of Support that Adult Children Solicit from Their Mothers in European Welfare Systems

Predicting adult obesity from measures in earlier life

A conceptual framework of the multi-dimensional model of the quality of life in later life

Effectiveness of the Microcredit Programme in Bangladesh

Attitudes towards bearing the cost of care in later life across the world

Population - Environment Interactions: European migration, population composition and climate change

A qualitative systematic review of patients' experiences of chronic non-malignant musculoskeletal pain using meta-ethnography

Population ageing in Bangladesh and its implication on health care

The decline of 21st Century Youth

Trying to pin down jelly’ - exploring intuitive processes in quality assessment for meta-ethnography

European Union: caught in the fertility trap

Ageing and Globalization: A Global Analysis

Variations in grandchildren’s perceptions of their grandfathers and grandmothers: Dynamics of age and gender

Does growth in private schooling contribute to Education for All? Evidence from a longitudinal, two cohort study in Andhra Pradesh, India

Falling sex ratios and emerging evidence of sex-selective abortion in Nepal: evidence from nationally representative survey data

Foucault, Social Theory and Social Work

Diferentes Experiências, uma Nova Convivência

Environment, migration and the European demographic deficit

The prevalence and determinants of sexual violence against young married women by husbands in rural Nepal

Healthy ageing: the role of health care services

Inequalities in access to education: failing to provide skills-building and empowerment to girls

Giants of the 21st Century: Population Ageing and Intergenerational Justice

Health inequalities and social justice

Migration as a driver of demographic development

Socio-geographic variations in mortality in a large retired UK population

Giants of the 21st Century: Longevity and Disability

Demographic Transition: Positioning the Age-structural Change Perspective

Climate Change and its Impact on Older Adults’ Health in Kazakhstan

Aging Europe’s Demographic Destiny: Framing the Challenges Ahead

Demographic transition and the demographic deficit: rethinking intergenerational equity.

The capacity of social security and health care institutions to adapt to an ageing world

Grandmothers as Replacement Parents and Partners: The Role of Grandmotherhood in Single Parent Families

The emerging demand for elderly care in China: An analysis of trends and differentials.

Mixtures density estimation in lifetime data analysis: an application of nonparametric Bayesian estimation technique

People and the Planet: The Role of Global Population in Sustainable Development

Social Security in an Ageing World

Conceptualising and Measuring Children’s Time Use: A Technical Review for Young Lives

Review of Longevity Trends in the United Kingdom to 2025 and Beyond

Sense of Motion, Senses of Self: Becoming a dancer.

An Upper Limit to Human Longevity?

Early Childhood Transitions Research: A Review of Concepts, Theory, and Practice

Introducing the Journal of Population Ageing

Contraceptive Use in Bangladesh: Evidence from a National Survey

Youth - A Scare Commodity within an Ageing World

Into the jungle of bureaucracy: negotiating access to camps at the Thai-Burma border

Mature Societies: planning for our future selves

In the absence of the humanitarian gaze: refugee camps after dark

Asia's Position in the New Global Demography

Late life work, retirement and social security for European women

Addressing the implications of Global Ageing

Ageing Repositioned: Singapore in the New Global Demography

Family Care, Independent Living and Ethnicity

Changing Families as European Societies Age

Understanding the implications of population ageing for mid-life women

Ageing 2000—questions for the 21st century

Book Review: The Body in Everyday Life

Book Review: Poetics and Politics of Tuareg Aging: Life Course and Personal Destiny in Niger

Book Review: Feminism, Breasts, and Breastfeeding

Book Review: Space, Place and Gender

Rethinking the geography of ageing

China’s population: Prospects and policies

Book Review: Full circles – Geographies of Women over the Life Course

Book Review: The Coming of Age in Europe

Welsh Affairs and Community Care

Meeting the media midway

Caring for China's Ageing Population: The Residential Option — A Case Study of Shanghai.

Book Review: The English rural community

Super-ageing society

Book Review: The Future of Low Birth-Rate Populations

Book Review: Population and Development Planning in China

Wives, Husbands, and Daughters Caring for Institutionalized and Noninstitutionalized Dementia Patients: Toward a Model of Caregiver Burden.

Ageing in Shanghai

The British rural community; an overview of perspective

Book Review: Environmental aesthetics

The social stratification of rural settlements

Book Review - The Elderly in Victoria: An Electronic Social Atlas

The rural-urban interface in England: a framework of analysis

A humanistic approach to the study of rural populations

The kinship network of the rural aged: a comparison of the indigenous elderly and the retired immigrant

British rural settlement in the hinterland of conurbations: a classification.

Book Review: Long Lives, Chinese Elderly and the Communist revolution