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Changing Consumer Values and Shopping Behaviour in India

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Verma, V.C., Gupta, D.D., Leeson, G. & Meiners, N. (2020) Changing Consumer Values and Shopping Behaviour in IndiaAcademy of Marketing Studies Journal 24 (1).

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to provide information about all the needs of shoppers, categorized by age group, such that, any unsatisfied need of any age group can be met. This paper focuses on the consuming aspects of population ageing. We understand that there could be some factors which provide conflicting recommendations for different age groups, and hence, we aim to provide recommendations that would satisfy the requirements of most of the customers at most times of the day.
Methods: The data was collected using structured questionnaire. 200 responses were received out of which 180 were found correct and used for final analysis. An exploratory factor analysis was applied for initial grouping of the factors followed by cluster analysis.
Results: After analysis the exploratory factor analysis four factors were identified –perception, comfort, price and quality and customer service.The authors reached to the conclusion by discussing the results and suggest recommendations/ limitations and further research orientations.
Originality/value: The findings of this research study would help the retail marketers in deciding on the offering as per different age groups and with their relative importance for different factors.