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Leisure Travelling and its Link to an Active and Healthy Ageing

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Balderas-Cejudo, A. & Leeson, G. (2017) Leisure Travelling and its Link to an Active and Healthy Ageing. MOJ Gerontology & Geriatrics, 1 (4): 00024.

The silver market is a driving force in the tourism and hospitality industry and one of its fastest growing and most evolving segments. The increased im¬portance of the senior market is not only the result of demo-graphic changes and a worldwide trend towards an ageing population but is also caused by behavioral shifts on the part of increasingly active older adults. According to Leeson, population structure and not just size is seen as critical for the impact our demographies around the world have on our environment.
In this context, it is of paramount interest for the tourism industry to un¬derstand the travel behaviour of the elderly in order to effec¬tively adjust existing tourism products to their needs [5]. But beyond the lucrative benefits for tourism organizations, a step further towards a deeper comprehension on the benefits from leisure travelling linked to an active ageing and wellbeing is crucial. There is a gap on literature and academic research on the importance of travelling and its role on active and healthy ageing. A general overview on the importance of a better understanding on this link will be reported.