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Culture as Animator of Intergenerational Gathering Places

Category: Book chapters


Bob McNulty (2020) Culture as Animator of Intergenerational Gathering Places. In Kaplan, M., Thang, L., Sanchez, M. & Hoffman, J. (Eds) Intergenerational Contact Zones: Place-based Strategies for Promoting Social Inclusion and Belonging. Routledge.


The value of arts and cultural institutions for intergenerational gathering places depends not only on their specific design, but also on how they “animate” diverse gatherings of young and old to associate and mingle. Through this programming, they become “civic glue” and reward any location. Several examples are provided of such intergenerational settings and their capacity to enhance residents’ perceptions of community livability. The role that arts and cultural anchor institutions can play in preserving local character and in reinforcing a sense of place across generations has been advanced substantially by the agenda of creative placemaking. In the last five years, placemaking has focused on a welcoming concept of place for all ages and all diverse backgrounds.

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