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Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa: Spaces and Practices of Care

Category: Book chapters AFRAN - African Research on Ageing Network


Hoffman, J. and Pype, K. (eds.) (2016) Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa: Spaces and Practices of Care.  ‘Ageing in a Global Context Series’, Policy Press. Series Editors: Chris Phillipson (University of Manchester, UK), Toni Calasanti (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA) and Thomas Scharf (NUI Galway, Ireland) (Forthcoming)


This collection of in-depth ethnographic analysis examines the impact of local and global transformations on the care, or lack of care, older people receive in Sub-Saharan Africa. This volume provides the pan-African evidence and analysis needed to move forward debates about how to address the long term care needs of this vulnerable population.

Case studies from different regions of the continent (southern, central, east and west Africa) examine formal and informal care, including inter- and intra-generational care, retirement homes, care in the context of poverty, HIV/AIDS and migration.



Introduction: spaces and practices of care for older persons in Sub-Saharan Africa ~ Jaco Hoffman and Katrien Pype;
Will families in Ghana continue to care for older people? Logic and contradiction in policy ~ Sjaak van der Geest;
Caring for people “without” value: movement, reciprocity and respect in Kinshasa’s retirement homes ~ Katrien Pype;
Older persons providing care for older persons in Tanzania: Against conventions – but accepted ~ Peter van Eeuwijk;
Place matters. The home as a key site of old-age care in coastal Tanzania ~ Brigit Obrist;
Care and identity in rural Malawi ~ Emily Freeman;
Making sense of neglect in northwest Tanzania ~ Josien de Klerk;
Negotiating care for older persons in South Africa: between the ideal and the pragmatics ~ Jaco Hoffman;
Afterword: Discourses of care for older persons in Sub-Saharan Africa – towards Conceptual Development ~ Andries Baart.

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