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LARNA is the Latin American Research Network on Ageing of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing.


LARNA is one of four Regional Networks on Ageing organised and supported by the OIA. The other three are EAST covering Eastern Europe, AFRAN covering Africa and APPRA covering Asia. LARNA links researchers with colleagues at Oxford and facilitates research with Oxford and other Universities and research organisations. The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing provides the main funding and the Secretariat for LARNA.


Research and Capacity Building in Latin America:

  • Key challenges to population changes in Latin America
  • The demographics of population ageing in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Iberian Peninsula
  • Supported by the British Academy - An indepth collaboration between the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing and the Department of Governance and Development at the University of Guanajuato-Leon in Mexico for the purposes of developing a research, training and capacity building programme around the key challenges of population change.  It is intended that this will serve as a model which can in the longer term, benefit other centres within the region.

Coordinator: Dr. George Leeson


LARNA is coordinated by its’ Director - Dr George W. Leeson, Co-Director of the Institute and Senior Research Fellow, Department of Sociology, and co-ordinated by Dr Alejandro Klein, University of Guanajuato-Leon, Mexico, and Research Affiliate of the Institute.

The network is guided by an advisory board comprising Latin American scholars. In addition, LARNA draws on strategic consultation with a group of International Advisors representing key research and policy bodies.


Through running LARNA the OIA:

  • Provides a platform for exchange and capacity building between network members
  • Forges collaborative research and training initiatives undertaken by LARNA members in partnership with the OIA

In developing research and capacity building programmes LARNA draws on directions and approaches identified by the strategic plan and framework for research on ageing in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Iberian Peninsula that was developed as an outcome of the July 2009 Oxford Conference on Developing the Research Agenda.


Currently, the network has members from Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Honduras.

Membership is open to academics based in Latin America working in the field of population ageing in the region.

To become a member of LARNA  click here.