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Global Ageing Survey (GLAS)

The Global Ageing Survey 2005-2008 (GLAS) comprises interviews with 44,000 people aged 40-80 in 25 countries drawn from Asia, Americas, Europe and Africa carried out in 3 waves.   It comprises cross comparative modules with HRS and SHARE on health and retirement, explores attitudes, expectations and behaviours towards later life and retirement, including financial planning for retirement. It includes interviews with 6000 employers.

Papers in preparation for publication include:

  • Effects of Health on Labour Force Participation of Older Persons in Europe and Asia
  • Caring and Working among the 40+ in Europe and Asia
  • European and Asian Welfare regimes and care and support to older relativives.
  • Retirement planning: global cross-comparisons
  • Intergenerational transfers: a comparison of Asia and Europe