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Intergenerational transfers: a comparison of Asia and Europe

Category: Demography and Society

Who's involved?

Funding: NIH (NIA); HSBC,

The main focus of past research on intergenerational  transfers has been focused either around the family and implications for family solidarity or around welfare regimes and the relationship between the public and private. It is clear however that there are wider complexities which need to be considered.  This research  addresses change in Europe and Asia dealing with countries at different stage of the demographic transition, thus with different demographies; with different welfare regimes, and different cultural family system and norms.  The research focuses on 4 European countries – UK, France, Germany and Denmark; 4 Chinese societies – China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan; and 4 emerging Asian economies – India, South Korea, Philippines and Malaysia.  It draws on comparative data from the Global Ageing Study and from the NIA funded CHARLES data set.

Publications & outputs