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14 Jun 2018
Child poverty and later livelihoods: SDGs and evidence from Young Lives
31 May 2018
SDGs and multidimensional poverty measurement: methodology and data challenges
08 May 2017
IPPF - Oxford Research Skills Training Workshop
12 Oct 2016
Book Talk: Prof Sarah Harper talks about her latest book "How population change will transform our world"
16 Jun 2016
Seminar: 'Parenting of teenagers in Sub Saharan Africa, how it is understood and practiced - Learning from an extensive literature review and empirical study in South Africa'
09 Jun 2016
Seminar: 'Coping with violence: Adolescents in eastern DRC and Burundi'
02 Jun 2016
Seminar: 'Navigating posttraumatic growth in female survivors of childhood sexual abuse: A South African strengths-based intervention'
26 May 2016
Seminar: 'School ecologies: The Changing Landscape of Education in Africa'
19 May 2016
Seminar: 'Exploring media and communication ecologies amongst youth in Rift Valley, Kenya: Negotiating identities, social relations and life aspirations’
12 May 2016
Seminar: 'Socio-ecological modelling in the context of armed conflict and political violence – conceptual and methodological considerations'
28 Apr 2016
Seminar Series: ‘Navigating life in sub-Saharan Africa – adolescent socio-ecologies’
28 Jan 2016
Seminar: ‘The lie of the One-Child Policy: Differing treatments of the second child in Chinese newspapers since 1979’
04 Dec 2014
"Productivity, family planning & reproductive health: an inter-disciplinary study in Burkina Faso" by Dr Jenny Cresswell
27 Nov 2014
"Very early adolescent motherhood in developing countries" by Dr Sarah Neal
20 Nov 2014
"Evaluation of integrated service delivery: people, numbers and multiple truths" by Dr Susannah Mayhew
13 Nov 2014
"Fertility transition in sub-Saharan Africa" by Dr Kazuyo Machiyama
06 Nov 2014
"Zero is not good for me’: the psychosocial consequences of infertility in Ghana" by Dr Jasmine Fledderjohann
03 Nov 2014
"World population and human capital in the 21st century" by Prof Wolfgang Lutz followed by a panel discussion
30 Oct 2014
"Maternal healthcare inequalities over time in lower and middle income countries" by Dr Amos Channon
23 Oct 2014
"Early reproduction trap in India: implications and policy challenges" by Prof Sabu Padmadas
16 Oct 2014
"Representing voices of the excluded – sharing stories of inspirational women in Nepal" by Dr Sarah Parker
16 Oct 2014
Seminar Series: Fertility, Reproductive Health and Women’s Empowerment
18 Jun 2014
"Developing participatory GIS for improved urban decision making" by Steve Cinderby
11 Jun 2014
"Demographic scars and demographic futures:" by Dr Jonathan Minton
04 Jun 2014
"Advances in the Geodemographic Study of Population and Place’" by Dr Alex Singleton
21 May 2014
"Combining multiple data sources to estimate ethnic fertility rates" by Dr Paul Norman
07 May 2014
"To what extent is the variation in social and health outcomes of individuals associated with their social networks?" by Dr Mark Tranmer
07 May 2014
Trinity 2014 Seminar Series: Research Methods in Demography and Beyond
23 Apr 2014
"Fertility Transition in Africa" Workshop & Training School
28 Mar 2014
"Is the planet full?" - Panel discussion at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival
13 Mar 2014
"Population-level fertility impacts of enabling people to exercise their reproductive rights" by Prof Zoë Matthews
06 Mar 2014
"Recent trends and inequalities in infant mortality in England and Wales" by Dr Jennifer Hollowell
27 Feb 2014
"The intensification of son preference in Nepal" by Dr Melanie Frost
20 Feb 2014
"Improving reproductive health service uptake in Africa through complex community interventions – a case for mHealth in Tanzania" by John Dusabe
13 Feb 2014
"Adolescent pregnancy and fertility in Uganda: does education have a role?" by Dr Anne Katahoire
06 Feb 2014
Hilary 2014 Seminar Series: "Fertility and development"
06 Feb 2014
"Son preference, fertility decline and sex selection" by Dr Sylvie Dubuc
17 Oct 2013
'Demography, agriculture and food' seminar series
30 May 2013
"Fertility intentions and the Great Recession in Europe" by Prof Øystein Kravdal
23 May 2013
"Demographic and democratic transitions" by Prof Vegard Skirbekk
16 May 2013
"Trust and fertility dynamics" by Prof Wolfgang Lutz
16 May 2013
"Fertility and Education" - Seminar Series
14 Mar 2013
"Intergenerational adaptation and fertility convergence" by Dr Sylvie Dubuc
07 Mar 2013
"Fertility: Demographic change in the south" - Workshop
28 Feb 2013
"Migration and fertility convergence" by Ben Wilson
21 Feb 2013
"Friends, family and fertility" by Dr Paul Mathews
14 Feb 2013
"Unemployment and fertility" by Dr Berkay Özcan
07 Feb 2013
"Fertility intentions and the Great Recession in Europe" by Dr Stuart Basten and Dr Maria Rita Testa
24 Jan 2013
"Demographic and democratic transitions" by Prof Tim Dyson
17 Jan 2013
"Trust and fertility dynamics" by Prof Francesco Billari
17 Jan 2013
"Drivers of Fertility" - Seminar Series