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Population Ageing in Latin America

Category: LARNA– Latin American Research Network on Ageing

Population Ageing in Latin America  -  Issue 2 


Editors-in-Chief: George W. Leeson, Alejandro L. Klein

Population Ageing in Latin America aims to provide a platform for multidisciplinary discussion, exchange, and the sharing of research and information related to Population Ageing in Latin America. It is the research communication platform of LARNA (Latin American Research Network on Ageing) at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, University of Oxford.

We invite contributions from academics, policy makers and practitioners in the region for open discussions, cross-disciplinary debates, including theoretical and empirical research and methodological innovation and development. Contributions around social policies and the roles of civil society are also welcome.

Population Ageing in Latin America will also act as newsletter for LARNA, and we invite book reviews, publications, and notices of events, seminars and conferences.

Population Ageing in Latin America - Issue 2 (PDF, 1.94 MB)

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