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08 Jun 2017
The impact of the transition to retirement on individuals’ emotions and well-being. Evidence from the Swiss context
01 Jun 2017
Constructing Age UK’s Index of Wellbeing in Later Life (“WILL”)
25 May 2017
Using MRI scans as measures of biological ageing – the Whitehall II (Stress and Health) MRI Substudy’
18 May 2017
Number of children, partnership status and later life depression in Eastern and Western Europe
11 May 2017
Extended working lives, inequality and well-being: evidence from the UK
08 May 2017
IPPF - Oxford Research Skills Training Workshop
04 May 2017
Subjective wellbeing and health at older ages: understanding the mechanisms
27 Apr 2017
Trinity Term 2017 Seminar Series: ‘Ageing, Wellbeing and Health’
27 Apr 2017
Brain ageing: using neuroimaging to understand risk for and resilience against dementia
09 Mar 2017
Imaging the Ageing Brain
02 Mar 2017
The Future of Medicine is Anti-Ageing Therapies
28 Feb 2017
Intersections of race and age(ing) at the twenty-first century English seaside
23 Feb 2017
Tapping the foundation of youth: exploiting stem cells and treatment of degenerative disease
16 Feb 2017
Major longevity drivers in the next 10 years: antibiotic resistance, metabolic syndrome and national health expenditure
14 Feb 2017
Sustainable Communities
09 Feb 2017
Effecting behaviour change in older adults through smartphone technology
07 Feb 2017
Hilary 2017 Public Lecture Series
07 Feb 2017
Ageing population and health care needs of older people in Sri Lanka
26 Jan 2017
Population ageing and brain health: the role of nutrition in mental resilience
19 Jan 2017
Hilary 2017 Seminar Series: ‘Contemporary Medical Perspectives on Ageing’
19 Jan 2017
The effects of heatwave on health of the ageing: climate change in the post-Trump era?
06 Dec 2016
2nd IAGG Africa Region conference
01 Dec 2016
Saving Behaviour, Expectations and Financial Hardship
24 Nov 2016
Optimal strategies to restore long-term sustainability of pension systems
17 Nov 2016
The timing of retirement – evidence on changing patterns of retirement in UK
10 Nov 2016
Is age a factor in financial exclusion? How the older old manage their daily finances in today's increasingly digital world
03 Nov 2016
Individual mortality expectations
27 Oct 2016
Post retirement labour supply in England
20 Oct 2016
Future of an Ageing Population
13 Oct 2016
Seminar Series ‘Financial Planning For Later Life in the UK’
13 Oct 2016
The shadow of the fourth age: older couples’ financial planning for social care and death
12 Oct 2016
Book Talk: Prof Sarah Harper talks about her latest book "How population change will transform our world"
04 Oct 2016
6th LARNA Conference: 'Policies, diversity and empowerment of the elderly in the current context’
16 Jun 2016
Seminar: 'Parenting of teenagers in Sub Saharan Africa, how it is understood and practiced - Learning from an extensive literature review and empirical study in South Africa'
10 Jun 2016
EAST Network 2016 Workshop: ‘Long Term Care, Spatial Planning and Public Policy in Central and Eastern Europe’
09 Jun 2016
Seminar: 'Coping with violence: Adolescents in eastern DRC and Burundi'
02 Jun 2016
Seminar: 'Navigating posttraumatic growth in female survivors of childhood sexual abuse: A South African strengths-based intervention'
26 May 2016
Seminar: 'School ecologies: The Changing Landscape of Education in Africa'
23 May 2016
LARNA Network Meeting | University of Havana
19 May 2016
Seminar: 'Exploring media and communication ecologies amongst youth in Rift Valley, Kenya: Negotiating identities, social relations and life aspirations’
12 May 2016
Seminar: 'Socio-ecological modelling in the context of armed conflict and political violence – conceptual and methodological considerations'
28 Apr 2016
Seminar Series: ‘Navigating life in sub-Saharan Africa – adolescent socio-ecologies’
10 Mar 2016
Seminar: 'Ageing, migration and intergenerational relations in rural China’
03 Mar 2016
Seminar: 'Reforming China’s Health Care System’
25 Feb 2016
Seminar: 'Left-behind elders and their families in rural China: How they figure in China's recent 'leap forward'’
24 Feb 2016
Public Lecture: ‘Adult Children Providing Support to their Aging Parents: Mixed Motives over the Family Life Course’
18 Feb 2016
Seminar: ‘Migration, children, gender and healthcare in China’
11 Feb 2016
Seminar: ‘What is the future for women and caregiving in China?’
10 Feb 2016
Public Lecture: ‘The Process of Population Ageing and its Challenges in Asia’
04 Feb 2016
Seminar: ‘A study of impacts of migration on health and well-being in later life in China - Evidence from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHALRS).’
03 Feb 2016
Public Lecture: ‘Through a Design Lens: Exploring Eight Key Challenges of Ageing’
28 Jan 2016
Seminar: ‘The lie of the One-Child Policy: Differing treatments of the second child in Chinese newspapers since 1979’
21 Jan 2016
Seminar Series - ‘Family dynamics, health and ageing in contemporary China’
21 Jan 2016
Seminar: ‘Class consciousness and disempowerment of Chinese migrant workers in transnational communities: Why does it matter for Chinese communities in the UK?’
01 Dec 2015
Professor Sarah Harper speaks at a conference on 'how to change the world' at the Royal Institution in London
30 Nov 2015
Seminar: Family context and marriageability: how natal family characteristics, co-residence patterns, sibship structure, marriage and childbearing history affect individual attractiveness to prospective marriage partners.
26 Nov 2015
Seminar: Focus on Partnerships: Discourses on cohabitation and marriage throughout Europe and Australia’
19 Nov 2015
Seminar: Cohabitation, Bigamy and Irregular Marriage in Scotland, 1855-1939'
12 Nov 2015
Seminar: Divergences between the law of marriage and its social meaning: are same-sex marriages unique?
05 Nov 2015
Seminar: Commitment and the changing sequence of cohabitation, childbearing, and marriage’
29 Oct 2015
Seminar: Marrying out’ for love: women’s narratives of polygyny and alternative marriage choices in contemporary Senegal’
22 Oct 2015
Seminar: Childlessness, cohabitation and partnership history in Great Britain
15 Oct 2015
Michaelmas Term 2015 Seminar Series: Narratives on Marriage and Co-Habitation
15 Oct 2015
Seminar: Demographic change – the evolving health challenges
26 Jun 2015
Intergenerational Contact Zones | Intergenerational Think Tank Meeting
18 Jun 2015
"The history of migration as a chapter in the history of the European rural family" by Prof Michel Oris
17 Jun 2015
Why go intergenerational? The Added Value Argument
16 Jun 2015
Generations Working Together
11 Jun 2015
"Learning hygiene: mortality patterns by religion in the Don Army Territory (Southern Russia), 1867-1916" by Dr Noël Bonneuil
04 Jun 2015
"Marriage in crisis: WWI and behavioural change in Belgium" by Dr Saskia Hin
27 May 2015
'Understanding end of life care in advanced dementia and developing a model of enhanced integrated care: The Compassion Programme.'
21 May 2015
"How much Venereal Disease was there in Georgian London? Can we estimate the population prevalence of STIs before the twentieth century?" by Prof Simon Szreter
14 May 2015
"Peopling the past: current studies in Paleodemography" by Prof Andrew Chamberlain
07 May 2015
"Life under pressure: mortality and living standards in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900?" by Prof Tommy Bengtsson
30 Apr 2015
"Historical Demography – A Place in Modern Demography?" - Seminar Series
30 Apr 2015
"Recovering surviving census records to reconstruct population, economic and cultural history of Europe" by Dr Siegfried Gruber
11 Mar 2015
‘Is a gray world desirable overall?’ with Dr Simona Giordano
05 Mar 2015
'The impact of outwards migration on ageing in Central Asia’ with Dr John Round
04 Mar 2015
‘Ageing and Identity: why it is important to study history’ with Dr Helen Emmott
26 Feb 2015
"Emigration from Ukraine: Individual Perceptions, Migration Aspirations and Culture of Migration” with Dr Irina Lapshyna

Seminar Series


Michaelmas: Older Women’s Health


Trinity: Qualitative & Quantitative Methods for Big Data: A journey through social, medical and natural sciences

Hilary: Ageing Populations: from Cell to Society

Michaelmas 20th Anniversary series: Science and Populism: from evidence to narrative

Michaelmas: Providing Health and Social Care for an Ageing Population: Challenges and Responses


Trinity 20th Anniversary series: Science and Populism: from evidence to narrative

Trinity: Leave No One Behind – Sustainable Development Goals, Ageing and Global Development

Hilary: Population Ageing in countries that have experienced war, revolution, and economic transition

Michaelmas: The Geopolitical Implications of Global Population Change


Trinity: Ageing, Wellbeing and Health

Hilary: Contemporary Medical Perspectives on Ageing

Michaelmas: Financial Planning For Later Life in the UK


Trinity: Navigating life in sub-Saharan Africa – adolescent socio-ecologies

Hilary: Family dynamics, health and ageing in contemporary China

Michaelmas: Narratives on Marriage and Co-Habitation


Trinity: Historical Demography - A Place in Modern Demography

Hilary: Norms, Values and Theories

Drivers and Consequences of Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe

Michaelmas: Care Practices: towards a re-casting of Ethics

Fertility, Reproductive Health and Women's Empowerment


Trinity: Health and Social Care Integration: Policy and Practice

Research Methods in Demography

Hilary: Art, Museums, Wellbeing & Ageing

Fertility and Development


Trinity: Fertility and Education

Hilary: Fertility: Driver of Demographic Change

Michaelmas: Demography, Agriculture & Food


Trinity: Population, Ethnicity and Migration

Hilary: Poverty, Class and Inequality in Older Populations

Michaelmas: Impact Of Population Change


Trinity: Work, Wellbeing and Retirement

Hilary: Intergenerational Justice: What do we owe to future generations?

Michaelmas: The Question of Gender within an Ageing Society


Trinity: Theology, Arts & Humanities

Hilary: Technology and Ageing

Michaelmas: Economics of Ageing


Trinity: Home and Place in an Ageing World

Hilary: Ageing & Ethnic Diversity

Michaelmas: Ageing from a Medical Perspective


Trinity: Seminar Programme

Hilary: Ageing in Asia

Michaelmas: Pension Reform and the Economics of Ageing


Hilary: Ageing Workforces

Michaelmas: Economic Analysis of Morbidity: causes, trends and implications


Trinity: Seminar Series

Hilary: Implications of Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe

Michaelmas: Health and Social Surveys


Trinity: Seminar Series

Hilary: The Sociology of Ageing

Michaelmas: Research into Ageing at Oxford


Trinity: Seminar Series

Hilary: Health and Social Care for Ageing Populations

Michaelmas: Seminars


Michaelmas: Seminar Series