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17 Jun 2021
Ageing in Africa
15 Jun 2021
AGEING IN LATIN AMERICA: the challenges of population ageing across the region
10 Jun 2021
Preferences for Long-term Care Among Older Adults in China
03 Jun 2021
Interdisciplinary approaches to healthy ageing
27 May 2021
Capacity, ability, frailty and geroscience – towards a cohesive paradigm for healthy longevity
20 May 2021
Inconvenient Truths About Human Longevity
13 May 2021
Trinity 2021 Seminar Series - Perspectives on Global Ageing
13 May 2021
Intergenerational Contact Zones: A conceptual framework for generating novel ideas for developing intergenerationally enriched settings
27 Apr 2021
Design Age Institute: Age, Agency & Joy
11 Mar 2021
COVID-19 in SA: Understanding epidemiologic heterogeneity to guide equitable responses for an ageing population
09 Mar 2021
“Building back better” in post-pandemic Asia: Back to the future for older people?
04 Mar 2021
Challenges of using assistive technologies in home care for older people
25 Feb 2021
The many facets of (in)equity in European long-term care systems
18 Feb 2021
The Precision Mental Health Project: A stakeholder-informed approach to healthy aging and resilience
11 Feb 2021
Corporate Policy, Male Breadwinners and their Family Caregiving in Ageing Japan
04 Feb 2021
Sustainability and community agency: The role of elderly indigenous women in rural Mexico
28 Jan 2021
Hilary 2021 Seminar Series - Perspectives on Global Ageing
28 Jan 2021
Ageing After Genocide: Initial Explorations in Rwanda
03 Dec 2020
Debates from the South
30 Nov 2020
Living Longer Better: Achieving Healthy Life Expectancy for all
26 Nov 2020
Debates from the South
23 Nov 2020
Young and older people in the COVID-19 pandemic
18 Nov 2020
From bench to care home in a time of COVID -how ageing science can be harnessed to improve immune resilience in older people.
12 Nov 2020
Old age: views from philosophy and social science | Brown Bag Debate
05 Nov 2020
AfOx digital insaka by Africa Oxford Initiative
29 Oct 2020
Age Discrimination: do we need a Human Rights Charter for older people?
22 Oct 2020
Michaelmas 2020 Seminar Series
22 Oct 2020
Ageing in the youngest populations on the globe: pan-African agenda for research on ageing
04 Sep 2020
17 Jul 2020
10 Mar 2020
On the Need to Stay Human: Simone de Beauvoir's Philosophy of Age
03 Mar 2020
Art and Science in Ageing Policy
25 Feb 2020
What can History suggest about the ageing of contemporary society?
18 Feb 2020
Monkey Glands and Moisturisers: Anti-ageing in Modern Britain
11 Feb 2020
Viewing the body as an (almost) ageing thing
04 Feb 2020
Memory, Meaning and Human Identity: The place of theology in constructing the purpose of age in the light of dementia?
28 Jan 2020
Yes Yes No: Sculpture, Dance, Choreography and What Age Brings
21 Jan 2020
Hilary 2020 Seminar Series: The Construction of Ageing
21 Jan 2020
Bearing the burdens we (don’t) bare: A theological reflection on carrying the weight of ageing
03 Dec 2019
Long-term care financing and women
20 Nov 2019
CANCELLED: Alzheimer's disease under the sex and gender lens: the gateway to precision medicine
14 Nov 2019
Neurodegenerative disease: understanding the mechanisms of risk
06 Nov 2019
Risk factors for dementia in the Million Women Study
30 Oct 2019
Black women getting older in Britain: the experiences of Windrush Women
23 Oct 2019
Women's health in later life: the combination of work and family care across the life-course
16 Oct 2019
Michaelmas 2019 Seminar Series: Older Women’s Health
16 Oct 2019
Healthy Active Life Expectancy - a woman's perspective
16 Sep 2019
UKRI: Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Healthy Ageing Workshop
05 Sep 2019
The 2019 EAST Research Network Joint Workshop - 'Migration and Ageing Populations'
04 Jul 2019
LARNA Workshop: Ageing in Latin America - crises, debates, paradigms
20 Jun 2019
Urban segregation in behaviours: A data-driven approach
13 Jun 2019
Ageing and dementia. The use of a cognitive and psychological assessment
06 Jun 2019
Lagged Adaptation in the Association between Women’s and Men’s Gender Attitudes and Housework Time in 24 countries
30 May 2019
Machine Learning for Sequential Decision Making under Uncertainty
23 May 2019
Sex differences in cardiovascular disease
16 May 2019
Experimental Innovations with a Global Subject Pool and Digital Trace
09 May 2019
GIS Applications in Public Health
02 May 2019
Trinity 2019 Seminar Series: Qualitative & Quantitative Methods for Big Data: A journey through social, medical and natural sciences
02 May 2019
Reproducible data visualisation workflows (and why they matter)
07 Mar 2019
LitHits: An Oxford Humanities Digital Reading Innovation to Combat Age-Related Isolation
28 Feb 2019
The Changing Characteristics and Circumstances of the Elderly in Russia
14 Feb 2019
Inequality and Frailty in elderly people: a comparison between European countries
08 Feb 2019
Understanding Population Ageing in Bangladesh and Nigeria: SITAKUND Model vs HEPIQ-C Model
31 Jan 2019
Targeting cell senescence to treat organismal ageing and frailty
24 Jan 2019
Understanding, Beliefs and Treatment of Dementia in Pakistan: A case study of the disease in low- or middle-income countries
17 Jan 2019
Hilary Term 2019 Seminar Series: Ageing Populations: from Cell to Society
17 Jan 2019
Health scenarios for an ageing population
29 Nov 2018
Cancelled! Sustainable care for old age: the long-term care system in Japan. What can England learn?
28 Nov 2018
People and the frontiers of science: social science for the 21st Century
22 Nov 2018
The Problem of Understanding Multi-Morbidity in the Elderly
19 Nov 2018
Why science matters for policy
16 Nov 2018
Communicating robust science
08 Nov 2018
Untangling the Gordian Knot: in pursuit of person-centred, integrated care for ageing populations
06 Nov 2018
What’s the point of engaging the public in science and health research?
01 Nov 2018
Population ageing and implications for future end of life care provision
30 Oct 2018
Conflicting truths. How does government listen to scientists?
25 Oct 2018
Trends in emergency hospital admissions: age, cohort and period effects
18 Oct 2018
Good Care at Home for Older Adults in Singapore: Ethical, practical and policy dimensions
11 Oct 2018
Michaelmas 2018 Seminar Series: Providing Health and Social Care for an Ageing Population: Challenges and Responses
11 Oct 2018
Health economics of integrated care: another response to an ageing population

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Michaelmas: Providing Health and Social Care for an Ageing Population: Challenges and Responses


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Trinity: Historical Demography - A Place in Modern Demography

Hilary: Norms, Values and Theories

Drivers and Consequences of Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe

Michaelmas: Care Practices: towards a re-casting of Ethics

Fertility, Reproductive Health and Women's Empowerment


Trinity: Health and Social Care Integration: Policy and Practice

Research Methods in Demography

Hilary: Art, Museums, Wellbeing & Ageing

Fertility and Development


Trinity: Fertility and Education

Hilary: Fertility: Driver of Demographic Change

Michaelmas: Demography, Agriculture & Food


Trinity: Population, Ethnicity and Migration

Hilary: Poverty, Class and Inequality in Older Populations

Michaelmas: Impact Of Population Change


Trinity: Work, Wellbeing and Retirement

Hilary: Intergenerational Justice: What do we owe to future generations?

Michaelmas: The Question of Gender within an Ageing Society


Trinity: Theology, Arts & Humanities

Hilary: Technology and Ageing

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Trinity: Home and Place in an Ageing World

Hilary: Ageing & Ethnic Diversity

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Trinity: Seminar Programme

Hilary: Ageing in Asia

Michaelmas: Pension Reform and the Economics of Ageing


Hilary: Ageing Workforces

Michaelmas: Economic Analysis of Morbidity: causes, trends and implications


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