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17 Oct 2013
'Demography, agriculture and food' seminar series
17 Oct 2013
"Tackling climate change and variability in Africa with local, indigenous and scientific knowledge" by Prof Dominic Kniveton
11 Sep 2013
British Society of Gerontology 2013 Conference: "Global ageing: implications for individuals and society"
10 Jun 2013
"Post 2015 development destination: What population dynamics road map?" by Dr Francois Farah
30 May 2013
"Fertility intentions and the Great Recession in Europe" by Prof Øystein Kravdal
23 May 2013
"Demographic and democratic transitions" by Prof Vegard Skirbekk
16 May 2013
"Fertility and Education" - Seminar Series
16 May 2013
"Trust and fertility dynamics" by Prof Wolfgang Lutz
14 Mar 2013
"Intergenerational adaptation and fertility convergence" by Dr Sylvie Dubuc
07 Mar 2013
"Fertility: Demographic change in the south" - Workshop
28 Feb 2013
"Migration and fertility convergence" by Ben Wilson
21 Feb 2013
"Friends, family and fertility" by Dr Paul Mathews
14 Feb 2013
"Unemployment and fertility" by Dr Berkay Özcan
07 Feb 2013
"Fertility intentions and the Great Recession in Europe" by Dr Stuart Basten and Dr Maria Rita Testa
24 Jan 2013
"Demographic and democratic transitions" by Prof Tim Dyson
22 Jan 2013
Workshop - Housing and Care: Challenges and Opportunities
17 Jan 2013
"Drivers of Fertility" - Seminar Series
17 Jan 2013
"Trust and fertility dynamics" by Prof Francesco Billari
29 Nov 2012
"Regimes of care: A few notes on the play of emotions and intimacy" by Philip Kao
28 Nov 2012
"Understanding giving behaviour towards parents in an experimental laboratory setting" by Dr Maria Porter
22 Nov 2012
"Understanding the adoption of integrated aged care service structures: the case of New South Wales" by Laurel Hixon
21 Nov 2012
"Using social, care and health services of first generation Turkish migrants in London" by Prof Nilufer Korkmaz,
15 Nov 2012
"The economics of ageing: Marketing in the ageing society" by Prof Norbert Meiners
08 Nov 2012
"Living in the end times: Report on a short course on end of life issues for older people in an English parish church setting" by Dr Joanna Collicutt
08 Nov 2012
LARNA Fourth International Conference and Workshop "New Paradigms of Ageing in Latin America"
01 Nov 2012
"Intergenerational functional solidarity between adult children and their parents in Turkey" by Burcu Ozdemir
31 Oct 2012
"Employability and older workers in England" by Brian Beach
25 Oct 2012
"Obesity and ageing" by Dr Laurel Edmunds
24 Oct 2012
Oxford Institute of Population Ageing Informal MT Seminar Series
24 Oct 2012
"Reproductive decision-making amongst women in Brunei" by Nikki Ahmad
18 Oct 2012
"Impact of Population Change"
18 Oct 2012
"Chinese daughters negotiating traditional family norms and the modern world: Implications for ageing parents" by Patricia O’Neill
25 Jun 2012
RAND Dataset Workshop
14 Jun 2012
"Ethnicity and the persistence of inequality: the case of Peru" by Rosemary Thorp
31 May 2012
"Heritage, culture and intergenerational transmissions within Italian transnational families in South Wales" by Dr Emanuela Bianchera
24 May 2012
"The price of rights- Labour immigration policy and migrant rights in high-income countries" by Dr Martin Ruhs
17 May 2012
"Between state, market and family: migrant workers and the provision of care for older people" by Dr Isabel Shutes
10 May 2012
"Experiences of forced labour among Chinese migrant workers: a partnership approach" by Dr Rebecca Lawthorn
09 May 2012
"Does religiosity increase with death? Ageing and cohort effects in a 35-year study" by Prof Vern Bengtson
03 May 2012
"Population, ethnicity and migration" - Seminar Series
03 May 2012
"The role of ethnicity and deprivation in determining trust and social cohesion in the British neighbourhood" by Dr Neli Demireva
08 Mar 2012
Seminar: Dr Bernard Rachet, "Age and socio-economic inequalities in cancer survival"
01 Mar 2012
Seminar: Dr Elizabeth Breeze, "Health inequalities in the English longitudinal study of ageing"
16 Feb 2012
Seminar: Dr Philip Kreager, "Social stratification schemes and the older population of Indonesia"
09 Feb 2012
Seminar: Dr Nick Townsend, "Social inequalities in the burden of cardiovascular disease"
02 Feb 2012
Seminar: Dr Jose Manuel Roche, "Multidimensional poverty measurement: tailoring applications to context and age groups"
26 Jan 2012
Hilary Term 2012 Seminar Series: ‘Poverty, class and inequality in older populations’
26 Jan 2012
Seminar: Dr Chris Davies, "Class inequalities in health and social welfare affecting the elderly in Russia: Have they increased in the transition period?"
01 Dec 2011
Seminar: Dr Sadie Wearing, "Representations of ageing in literature and culture: affect, aesthetics and ethics"
24 Nov 2011
Seminar: Prof Sarah Harper, "Exploring the demographic transition in the 21st Century"
24 Nov 2011
Seminar: Dr Joanne Cook, "Intergenerational transmission and gender relations in African families post migration"
17 Nov 2011
Seminar: Dr Katherine Morris, "The age of beauty and the beauty of age. Age, gender and 'beauty practices'"
10 Nov 2011
Seminar: Dr Almudena Sevilla-Sanz, "Declining marriage and fertility rates in OECD countries: The role of men's home production"
03 Nov 2011
Seminar: Prof Julia Twigg, "Clothing and the embodiment of age"
27 Oct 2011
Seminar: Prof Emerita Ursula King, "Spirituality, ageing and gender"
20 Oct 2011
Seminar Series: "The question of gender within an ageing society"
20 Oct 2011
Seminar: Dr Sondra Hausner, "Gender, mobility and belonging: Nepali care workers in Great Britain"
16 Jun 2011
Oxford Institute of Population Ageing 10th Anniversary Celebrations
09 Jun 2011
Seminar: Professor Wendy Loretto, "Gendered Ageism: Older Women in Employment"
01 Jun 2011
Seminar: Sarah Harper, "Migration - a response to demographic change?"
10 Mar 2011
Seminar: Professor Geir Asheim, ‘Can generations be treated equally?’
03 Mar 2011
Seminar: Dr Ben Groom, 'Climate change investment – what is it worth for future generations?’
24 Feb 2011
Seminar: Dr Martin Weale, ‘Fiscal policy, fairness between generations, and national saving’
17 Feb 2011
Seminar: Professor Wolfgang Lutz, ‘Demographic balance and human capital from an intergenerational perspective’
10 Feb 2011
Seminar: Dr Simon Caney, 'Climate Change and Intergenerational Justice: What are our obligations to future generations?'
03 Feb 2011
Seminar: Professor Henry Shue, ‘A legacy of dangers: Climate failure and future generations’
27 Jan 2011
Seminar: Professor John O'Neill, ‘Sustainability: How can each generation live well within limits?’
20 Jan 2011
Seminar: Professor Peter Heller, ‘Is the fiscal crisis forcing a rethink of our intergenerational compact with the elderly?’
20 Jan 2011
Seminar Series: "Intergenerational Justice: What do we owe future generations?"
02 Dec 2010
Seminar: Dr Winnie Yip, "Wellbeing in Rural China: A Study Using the Day Reconstruction Method"
25 Nov 2010
Seminar: Dr Albert Park, "Relying on Whom? Analyzing How China's Elderly Finance Their Consumption"
18 Nov 2010
Seminar: Dr David McCarthy, "National Transfer Accounts: Concepts and first UK Estimates"
11 Nov 2010
Seminar: Dr Melanie Lührmann, "Durable purchases in Later life"
04 Nov 2010
Seminar: Professor Axel Boersch-Supan, "Intergenerational Cohesion and the Political Economy of Pension Reform"
28 Oct 2010
Seminar: Professor John Ermisch, "Population Ageing: Crisis or Opportunity"
21 Oct 2010
Seminar: Professor John Muellbauer, "Demography and the Household Saving Rate in Japan"
14 Oct 2010
Seminar: Dr Ramon Luengo-Fernandez, "Research expenditure on dementia, heart disease, stroke and cancer: Is the level of spending related to the burden of disease?"
14 Oct 2010
Seminar Series: Economics of Ageing
06 Oct 2010
'Ageing in Latin America': LARNA Conference, Mexico City
17 Jun 2010
Seminar: Dr Anders Sandberg, "Improvement of the Human Condition in our Ageing Society"

Seminar Series


Hilary: The Construction of Ageing

Michaelmas: Older Women’s Health


Trinity: Qualitative & Quantitative Methods for Big Data: A journey through social, medical and natural sciences

Hilary: Ageing Populations: from Cell to Society

Michaelmas 20th Anniversary series: Science and Populism: from evidence to narrative

Michaelmas: Providing Health and Social Care for an Ageing Population: Challenges and Responses


Trinity 20th Anniversary series: Science and Populism: from evidence to narrative

Trinity: Leave No One Behind – Sustainable Development Goals, Ageing and Global Development

Hilary: Population Ageing in countries that have experienced war, revolution, and economic transition

Michaelmas: The Geopolitical Implications of Global Population Change


Trinity: Ageing, Wellbeing and Health

Hilary: Contemporary Medical Perspectives on Ageing

Michaelmas: Financial Planning For Later Life in the UK


Trinity: Navigating life in sub-Saharan Africa – adolescent socio-ecologies

Hilary: Family dynamics, health and ageing in contemporary China

Michaelmas: Narratives on Marriage and Co-Habitation


Trinity: Historical Demography - A Place in Modern Demography

Hilary: Norms, Values and Theories

Drivers and Consequences of Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe

Michaelmas: Care Practices: towards a re-casting of Ethics

Fertility, Reproductive Health and Women's Empowerment


Trinity: Health and Social Care Integration: Policy and Practice

Research Methods in Demography

Hilary: Art, Museums, Wellbeing & Ageing

Fertility and Development


Trinity: Fertility and Education

Hilary: Fertility: Driver of Demographic Change

Michaelmas: Demography, Agriculture & Food


Trinity: Population, Ethnicity and Migration

Hilary: Poverty, Class and Inequality in Older Populations

Michaelmas: Impact Of Population Change


Trinity: Work, Wellbeing and Retirement

Hilary: Intergenerational Justice: What do we owe to future generations?

Michaelmas: The Question of Gender within an Ageing Society


Trinity: Theology, Arts & Humanities

Hilary: Technology and Ageing

Michaelmas: Economics of Ageing


Trinity: Home and Place in an Ageing World

Hilary: Ageing & Ethnic Diversity

Michaelmas: Ageing from a Medical Perspective


Trinity: Seminar Programme

Hilary: Ageing in Asia

Michaelmas: Pension Reform and the Economics of Ageing


Hilary: Ageing Workforces

Michaelmas: Economic Analysis of Morbidity: causes, trends and implications


Trinity: Seminar Series

Hilary: Implications of Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe

Michaelmas: Health and Social Surveys


Trinity: Seminar Series

Hilary: The Sociology of Ageing

Michaelmas: Research into Ageing at Oxford


Trinity: Seminar Series

Hilary: Health and Social Care for Ageing Populations

Michaelmas: Seminars


Michaelmas: Seminar Series