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05 Mar 2015
'The impact of outwards migration on ageing in Central Asia’ with Dr John Round
04 Mar 2015
‘Ageing and Identity: why it is important to study history’ with Dr Helen Emmott
26 Feb 2015
"Emigration from Ukraine: Individual Perceptions, Migration Aspirations and Culture of Migration” with Dr Irina Lapshyna
25 Feb 2015
‘Successful Ageing’ with Mr Theodore Cosco
19 Feb 2015
‘Immigration, aging and care work in the EU: triangle of demand, fear and exploitation’ with Dr Olena Fedyuk
18 Feb 2015
‘Identity in the 4th Age’ with Dr Liz Lloyd
12 Feb 2015
‘Immigrant and Ethnic Minority Families in Europe: What Do We Learn from Comparative Research?’ with Dr Hill Kulu
11 Feb 2015
‘Theorising a Fourth Age’ with Dr Chris Gilleard
05 Feb 2015
‘‘(In)securities and resilience in the lives of Russian rural elders’ with Professor Rebecca Kay
04 Feb 2015
‘Equality, Justice and Living Longer’ with Dr Anthony Farrant
29 Jan 2015
‘The Dynamics of the Human Capital of the Elderly in Russia, 1990-2020: From Burden to Benefit?’ with Professor Christopher Davis
28 Jan 2015
'What can we learn from Cicero?’ with Dr Harry Lesser
04 Dec 2014
"Productivity, family planning & reproductive health: an inter-disciplinary study in Burkina Faso" by Dr Jenny Cresswell
03 Dec 2014
"Empirical grounded ethics of care: a methodological perspective" by Prof Andries Baart
27 Nov 2014
"Very early adolescent motherhood in developing countries" by Dr Sarah Neal
26 Nov 2014
"Bodily and social vulnerability: a phenomenological perspective on the practice of care" by Prof Christina Schües
20 Nov 2014
"Evaluation of integrated service delivery: people, numbers and multiple truths" by Dr Susannah Mayhew
19 Nov 2014
‘Bioethics and conflicts of care in the hospital arena – How care ethics can (not) serve nursing issues’ by Prof Helen Kohlen
18 Nov 2014
"Is the Planet Full?" - Panel discussion
13 Nov 2014
"Fertility transition in sub-Saharan Africa" by Dr Kazuyo Machiyama
12 Nov 2014
"Beyond autonomy: a relational perspective on an ethics of care" by Prof Elisabeth Conradi
10 Nov 2014
Third International LARNA Conference and Network Meeting
06 Nov 2014
"Zero is not good for me’: the psychosocial consequences of infertility in Ghana" by Dr Jasmine Fledderjohann
05 Nov 2014
"Ethics as a politics of the ordinary" by Prof Sandra Laugier
03 Nov 2014
"World population and human capital in the 21st century" by Prof Wolfgang Lutz followed by a panel discussion
30 Oct 2014
"Maternal healthcare inequalities over time in lower and middle income countries" by Dr Amos Channon
29 Oct 2014
"Emotions as constituents for an ethics of care" by Prof Fabienne Brugère
23 Oct 2014
"Early reproduction trap in India: implications and policy challenges" by Prof Sabu Padmadas
22 Oct 2014
"Care and justice in society" by Prof Virginia Held
16 Oct 2014
Seminar Series: Fertility, Reproductive Health and Women’s Empowerment
16 Oct 2014
"Representing voices of the excluded – sharing stories of inspirational women in Nepal" by Dr Sarah Parker
15 Oct 2014
Seminar Series: Care practices: towards a recasting of ethics
15 Oct 2014
"The ethics of care: a road map" by Prof Frans Vosman
19 Sep 2014
Challenges of ageing for the immigrants from India in the UK
19 Jun 2014
"Integrated care: looking forward" by Nick Goodwin
18 Jun 2014
"Developing participatory GIS for improved urban decision making" by Steve Cinderby
12 Jun 2014
"The patient’s experience with integrated care" by Don Redding & Chris Graham
11 Jun 2014
"Demographic scars and demographic futures:" by Dr Jonathan Minton
05 Jun 2014
"Integrated care for acute illness in older patients: the interface between primary and secondary care" by Dr Daniel Lasserson
04 Jun 2014
"Advances in the Geodemographic Study of Population and Place’" by Dr Alex Singleton
29 May 2014
"Management of change and leadership in integrated care" by John Atkinso
28 May 2014
"Uncertainty in international migration studies: a Bayesian view" by Dr Jakub Bijak
22 May 2014
"Reflections on past and current government policy on integration" Stephen Dorrell MP
21 May 2014
"Combining multiple data sources to estimate ethnic fertility rates" by Dr Paul Norman
15 May 2014
"Integration in practice" by Thirza Sawtell
14 May 2014
"Agent-based models in demography: modelling the ageing UK population" by Dr Eric Silverman
08 May 2014
"Tectonic shifts in health care" by Prof Robert Kane
07 May 2014
Trinity 2014 Seminar Series: Research Methods in Demography and Beyond
07 May 2014
"To what extent is the variation in social and health outcomes of individuals associated with their social networks?" by Dr Mark Tranmer
01 May 2014
Trinity 2014 Seminar Series: Health and Social Care Integration: Policy and Practice
01 May 2014
"History of integration initiatives in England: what we’ve learned" by Prof Gerald Wistow
23 Apr 2014
"Fertility Transition in Africa" Workshop & Training School
28 Mar 2014
"Is the planet full?" - Panel discussion at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival
13 Mar 2014
"Population-level fertility impacts of enabling people to exercise their reproductive rights" by Prof Zoë Matthews
12 Mar 2014
"Music & medicine across the lifespan" by Daisy Fancourt
06 Mar 2014
"Recent trends and inequalities in infant mortality in England and Wales" by Dr Jennifer Hollowell
05 Mar 2014
"Museums and gallery partnerships in clinical services: our journey so far" by Helen Shearn
27 Feb 2014
"The intensification of son preference in Nepal" by Dr Melanie Frost
26 Feb 2014
"Memory, material culture and identity" by Steph Mastoris
20 Feb 2014
"Improving reproductive health service uptake in Africa through complex community interventions – a case for mHealth in Tanzania" by John Dusabe
19 Feb 2014
"Making memories matter" by Helen Fountain and Gill Munday
13 Feb 2014
"Adolescent pregnancy and fertility in Uganda: does education have a role?" by Dr Anne Katahoire
12 Feb 2014
"Psychosocial containment and aesthetic experience" by Prof Lynn Froggett
06 Feb 2014
Hilary 2014 Seminar Series: "Fertility and development"
06 Feb 2014
"Son preference, fertility decline and sex selection" by Dr Sylvie Dubuc
05 Feb 2014
"Engaging with contemporary visual art: maintaining health and well-being" by Andrew Newman
29 Jan 2014
"Museums, health and wellbeing - exploring the therapeutic potential of museums and cultural heritage" by Dr Helen Chatterjee
22 Jan 2014
Hilary 2014 Seminar Series: ‘Art, museums, wellbeing & ageing’
22 Jan 2014
"Active ageing with music: supporting wellbeing in the Third and Fourth Ages" by Dr Andrea Creech
05 Dec 2013
"Security from floods, food and the aged: insights from the Netherlands and Japan" by Dr Jeroen Warner
28 Nov 2013
"Making climate science usable: linking sources of risk knowledge and strengthening capacities to appropriately act on risk" by Emma Visman
21 Nov 2013
"Fundamental population dynamics and its implications for understanding agricultural systems and technologies" by Dr Michael Bonsall
14 Nov 2013
"Food prices and agricultural development strategies in Africa’" by Prof Douglas Gollin
07 Nov 2013
"The effects of an ageing farm workforce in Vietnam" by Kenneth Howse
31 Oct 2013
"Driving disease transmission models with climate models … where angels fear to tread?" by Prof Andy Morse
24 Oct 2013
"Food lives- tales from behind the kitchen door" by Dr Mary Brennan
17 Oct 2013
'Demography, agriculture and food' seminar series
17 Oct 2013
"Tackling climate change and variability in Africa with local, indigenous and scientific knowledge" by Prof Dominic Kniveton
11 Sep 2013
British Society of Gerontology 2013 Conference: "Global ageing: implications for individuals and society"
10 Jun 2013
"Post 2015 development destination: What population dynamics road map?" by Dr Francois Farah

Seminar Series


Michaelmas: Older Women’s Health


Trinity: Qualitative & Quantitative Methods for Big Data: A journey through social, medical and natural sciences

Hilary: Ageing Populations: from Cell to Society

Michaelmas 20th Anniversary series: Science and Populism: from evidence to narrative

Michaelmas: Providing Health and Social Care for an Ageing Population: Challenges and Responses


Trinity 20th Anniversary series: Science and Populism: from evidence to narrative

Trinity: Leave No One Behind – Sustainable Development Goals, Ageing and Global Development

Hilary: Population Ageing in countries that have experienced war, revolution, and economic transition

Michaelmas: The Geopolitical Implications of Global Population Change


Trinity: Ageing, Wellbeing and Health

Hilary: Contemporary Medical Perspectives on Ageing

Michaelmas: Financial Planning For Later Life in the UK


Trinity: Navigating life in sub-Saharan Africa – adolescent socio-ecologies

Hilary: Family dynamics, health and ageing in contemporary China

Michaelmas: Narratives on Marriage and Co-Habitation


Trinity: Historical Demography - A Place in Modern Demography

Hilary: Norms, Values and Theories

Drivers and Consequences of Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe

Michaelmas: Care Practices: towards a re-casting of Ethics

Fertility, Reproductive Health and Women's Empowerment


Trinity: Health and Social Care Integration: Policy and Practice

Research Methods in Demography

Hilary: Art, Museums, Wellbeing & Ageing

Fertility and Development


Trinity: Fertility and Education

Hilary: Fertility: Driver of Demographic Change

Michaelmas: Demography, Agriculture & Food


Trinity: Population, Ethnicity and Migration

Hilary: Poverty, Class and Inequality in Older Populations

Michaelmas: Impact Of Population Change


Trinity: Work, Wellbeing and Retirement

Hilary: Intergenerational Justice: What do we owe to future generations?

Michaelmas: The Question of Gender within an Ageing Society


Trinity: Theology, Arts & Humanities

Hilary: Technology and Ageing

Michaelmas: Economics of Ageing


Trinity: Home and Place in an Ageing World

Hilary: Ageing & Ethnic Diversity

Michaelmas: Ageing from a Medical Perspective


Trinity: Seminar Programme

Hilary: Ageing in Asia

Michaelmas: Pension Reform and the Economics of Ageing


Hilary: Ageing Workforces

Michaelmas: Economic Analysis of Morbidity: causes, trends and implications


Trinity: Seminar Series

Hilary: Implications of Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe

Michaelmas: Health and Social Surveys


Trinity: Seminar Series

Hilary: The Sociology of Ageing

Michaelmas: Research into Ageing at Oxford


Trinity: Seminar Series

Hilary: Health and Social Care for Ageing Populations

Michaelmas: Seminars


Michaelmas: Seminar Series